The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 Recap: Season 12 Episode 2 ‘Getting Medieval’ 2/26/12

The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 Recap: Season 12 Episode 2 ‘Getting Medieval’ 2/26/12

The Celebrity Apprentice returns tonight with a whole new episode called “Medieval Time’, are you excited?  Stand by as we live blog the show for you with all the up-to-the-minute details.   The project leaders, on last week’s show was American Chopper co-founder Paul Teutul, Sr. and Venezuelan actress and fashion model Patricia Velasquez.  Paul won the evening and the money for his charity Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Cheryl Tiegs was voted out after everyone in her team felt she did not step up.  Donald also warned Victoria Gotti at the end of the show that she has to focus – and if she does not he is going to fire her.  If you missed the show you can read our official recap here!

This season has already started to deliver us some real drama and apparently Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice has already been wreaking havoc on the Celebrity Apprentice set already.  We have the scoop about what she has been up to here!

On tinight’s show each team must create and perform an original Medieval Times show for a live audience. One team’s Project Manager struggles with an insubordinate team member. A serious injury on the other team threatens to derail the show. Everything comes down to the audience vote, and no punches are pulled in a knockdown, drag-out Boardroom.  Boardroom advisors: Donald Trump Jr. and James Lipton.

We will be live blogging the show with all the up-to-the-minute details at 9PM EST so make sure to come back to this spot and watch the show with us.   Make sure to refresh often so you get the most current info!

TONIGHT’S RECAP:   When Victoria Gotti walked back into the room she tells the other women that ‘it is on.’  Victoria felt like it was a gang up – she tells Tia that is ‘Dog eat Dog.’  Victoria tells the ladies that it is going to be tough because they are not sticking together.

Paul Teutel Sr. gets to present his check for $495,000 to the Make a Wish foundation’s rep 11 year old Gabriel Menendez.

Donald meets with the contestants and tells them that Medieval Times have been going on for years and they have entertained millions of people over the years.  James Lipton inside the actors studio is there and he is the adviser.  The teams will have to put on a 12-15 minute show for Medieval Times.  The project manager is Penn Juliette for the men and for the ladies it is Lisa Lampanelli.  Adam is missing this week because he is hosting a wedding at his house.  The prize for the winner of the challenge will get $20,000 from Donald donated to the team leader’s charity and $20,000 from Medieval times.

The ladies are talking about the challenge and she does not want to do a show that is current and spoof it in a old fashion way.  Lisa decides that the theme is Real Housewives of Olden Times.  They will be fighting over a knight and the knight is Donald Trump.

The men’s team meets with the choreographer for Medieval Times and so does the women.  Dayan asks if the show is family-oriented.  When Lisa finds that it is she is determined to make it clean.  Their concept is ‘The Real Housewives of Camelot.’  Audrey seems to be taking the part of second in command.  The ladies decided Dayana will wear a nude bodysuit.  Lisa gives everyone a role but then tells Victoria she is going to be creative director so she does not really get a role.

The men’s team decide to have Dee play a women and two of the men will fight for her (him).

Lisa takes the women to see costumes now that they have the idea.    Lisa is really a bitch she is hard on the women she thinks they interrupt them too much.  She loses it and tells the women in no uncertain terms not too interrupt her anymore.  As one lady says she is managing like a tyrant.

James Lipton comes to visit the men and he is a little concerned because they are doing a lot of comedy and he is hoping it will work.  The ladies are practicing and they are sure that everyone is going to like their show.  Teresa is really enjoying working with the ladies she feels she is learning a lot.  With RH she does not have to learn lines – so she is learning.  Donald Jr. shows up and Lisa asks if his father will be insulted if she puts a wig on and dresses like him.   Donald Jr. thinks the ladies concept is great – but he hopes they can put the medieval into it.  Donald Jr. feels that there is some tension with Lisa and Victoria.

The men meet with stunt coordinators that are teaching them fighting.   Lou is really getting into it – he feels he is a gladiator and he is scaring Paul Sr.    Lou is enjoying the practicing but the men have to pull him away from it because there is more to do.

Aubrey tells Victoria to come over she wants her to be a director – but Victoria tells them she is not a director.  Lisa is put out because Victoria is carrying her Louis Vuitton purse on her shoulder while she is learning to use a sword.

Lisa gets Victoria to help her to search for things – Lisa looks over and Victoria is spelling Medieval – Mid Evil and Lisa is pissed she feels Victoria is useless.  Victoria considers going to ask Donald Trump if she can be on the men’s team.

Victoria is really upset she is not given a role, a speaking part nothing.  Victoria wants to go on the men’s team because she may be acknowledged.  Lisa tells Victoria that today is important that she needs to take care of the lights.

The men arrive at Medieval Times to check out Paul Sr.’s Medieval motorcycle and they love it.  George is in his costume and he loves it and does not want to take it off.

The women get into dress rehearsal and Victoria is doing the lighting.  Victoria is asking Lisa’s questions and Lisa finally realizes  that Victoria has the wrong script.  Dayana tries to help and give her opinion but Lisa and Aubrey will not listen to her.

Lou is going into the dress rehearsal and he is really in character.  Dee is the women and George thinks he looks lovely.  George is having problem sticking to the script.  Clay tells George he has to hit the mark because lighting is following what he is saying to now what to do.  Dee’s horse was acting skittish and Dee thinks he may have broken a finger.  The Emergency Medical tell him he has to leave to go to the hospital.

It is the day of the performance and Dee’s finger is really painful but he is not leaving until the show is over.  They welcome the people to Medieval Time.  Penn and Arsenio are the animators for the men.  Penn swallows fire and the kids love it.  George starts and he reads the script perfectly and he introduces the knights.   Then he introduces Clay and Dee.   Meanwhile Lou and Paul Sr.  fight in the ring and Lou wins the hand of Lady Dee.  He has to kiss Dee but when he sees her/his face – he kills himself.  The men know they took the a risk having a comedy show.  A risk or not – it was a hoot!!

The ladies are backstage and it is showtime for them.  Dayana comes out on a horse in a nude bodysuit.  The trumpets does not come on.  Lisa starts she is dressed as Donald Trump and she introduces the unreal housewives of Camelot.   Debbie Gibson starts and she sings and then Tia gets off the horse and starts fighting with Debbie.  Debbie falls and flashes the crowd and Tia’s breasts are flashing the crowd.  Teresa comes out and fights Tia.  Teresa wins the battle and asks if she wins.  Lisa/Donald tells her that she is fired.   Then Aubrey comes out and she is playing a spoof of Snooki from Jersey Shore and she tells Lisa/Donald she is hired.

They are headed to the Boardroom – my guess is the men should win because the women were doing a lot of breat and booty flashing and there were a lot of children there.  We will see!

BOARDROOM – Donald asks Lisa how she did – and she tells him really well. Donald asks if there was any nudity and she says yes – Dayana.  Donald asks if she thinks she won.  Lisa tells Don you can never say – she is confident and not cocky.  Donald asks Victoria what she thought of Lisa as a Project Manager and she tells Donald strict.  Donald Jr. asks Victoria about the tension with her and Lisa.  Lisa tells them that she picked people who were actresses and singers and to play roles and Victoria was pushed aside.  Victoria says that she felt hurt by being pushed aside.  Teresa says that she found playing a housewife was difficult for her because she had to act.

James mentions to Donald that he thought when he was approached to do the show that Medieval Time was more playing.  He learned that it was actually hard work and he respects the teams.

Dee explains that his finger is actually broken in several places and he will probably need a pin.  Dee lets Donald know that even though he fractured his finger that he performed.  Paul tells Donald that Penn was phenomenal as a Project Manager and Michael Andretti agrees.  Lou agrees with the two.  Lou tells Donald that the whole team was a star.   Penn enjoyed being Project Manager – he feels the men’s group is easy to manage.  Donald asks Penn if he would bring someone back who would he bring back.  Penn replies  Lou and George.    Lou  feels that Penn underestimates him – he always gives 110% and there is nothing he cannot do.  Penn agrees with Lou but he will not not take his choices back.   Lou feels that Penn is not giving George and him a chance because they are actors and he feels Penn does not respect their business acumen.  George lets Donald know that his admiration for Penn just grows.  Penn interjects that he think they won.  Donald asks Arsenio if he was him who would he fire and Arsenio says Penn – he was the project manager.

Donald asks Lisa if her team loses who will she bring back.  She jumps in right away and says Victoria.  Lisa also lets the cat out of the bag and lets Donald know that Victoria threatened to leave the team.  Lisa claims she gave the hardest job to Victoria but she does not want to be her mother.  The second person she wants to take back is Dayana.  Dayana lets Donald know that she was told to not say anything and should just look pretty.  Patricia decides to let Donald know that Lisa was the person who created the concept and if they do not win it is her fault and Aubrey who was working with Lisa on the concept.  Victoria agrees with Patricia that no one had any say in the concept except Lisa and Aubrey.

James said the men did really well and the men’s team had enormous energy.  The men’s team played to their strength and skills.  At the end Penn did something that impressed him – he identified each of the men to the audience.  The audience loved their performance and thought they did a great job involving the crowd.  The men’s team received 558 votes.

Donald Jr. said the audience loved the women’s team.  They loved seeing Teresa flipping the table.  They also thought the girls looked hot.  The women got  363 votes from the audience.

The men’s team won.  Penn gets $40,000 for his charity – Opportunity Village.

Donald asks Lisa what happened?   She really has not idea.  Donald Jr. thinks they lost because the show was a little too one sided.  They did not try to play to the whole audience.  Dayana lets Donald know that Lisa did not listen to her even though she tried to give her advice.  Lisa jumps in and blames Victoria because she missed the trumpet cue.  Debbie says she is going to be very candid and she things that Lisa was a little overwhelmed and Aubrey was doing a little too much.  The ladies team defends Victoria and says she worked really hard but Lisa is still going on about Victoria.  I really do not like Lisa – she is a total biatchy!

Donald asks Patricia who she would fire and she says Victoria.  Aubrey says she would fire Dayana.  Clay feels Aubrey is jealous of Dayana.  Dayana thinks Lisa should be fired.

Lisa decides to take Victoria and Dayana back into the Boardroom with her.  The men think her choice is a mistake.  Arsenio was has the funniest comment of the episode he said: “She takes one women who will kill her with her beauty to the Boardroom and the other who will kill her with her family to the Boardroom.”

Lisa starts by telling Donald that Victoria did not step up to the role.  Victoria wants to address what Lisa said but Lisa is not giving Victoria a chance.  Lisa then goes on to tell Donald that Victoria cannot spell and she did a horrible job the first day and the second day she started to work but she missed her cue.    Lisa is going on and on and Dayana is having trouble not laughing.  Lisa apologizes for being loud and emotional.  Donald asks Dayana what happened – Dayana tries to tell Donald but Lisa does not let her talk.  James give Lisa hats off for passion.  Donald Jr. does not feel that Dayana should have been brought back.  Donald asks Dayana which of the two has more talent?  Dayana says that Lisa has stepped up more and has more energy grudgingly.

Donald fires Victoria Gotti!

What did you think of the show?   I do not like Lisa and I thought she should have been fired.