The New Season 8 ‘Weeds’ Teaser Highlights Nancy’s Wicked World (Video)

The New Season 8 'Weeds' Teaser Highlights Nancy's Wicked World (Video)

Weeds is on its way back for an eighth season and we’ve got the drama-filled trailer for you right here! How many of you out there just can’t wait to reunite with the crazy Botwin family?

The trailer doesn’t reveal any new footage necessarily, but pulls from all the seasons to create a fantastic little montage featuring the one and only Nancy Botwin, played by Mary-Louise Parker.

When the series returns on July 1st, fans of the show will learn not only who was shot, but also learn the identity of the person behind the gun. Exciting, right?

Creator Jenji Kohan on the season premiere:

“In the end, someone’s out to kill Nancy. And I think the question is, who is that in the bushes? We certainly know who it is, and the audience may or may not figure it out. It’s something from seasons past. You gotta do a little digging. Nancy has left a mess in her wake, and the past always comes back to haunt you.”

Check out the trailer below and — if you’re a Weeder — let us know what you’re most excited about!

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