The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 14 ‘Dangerous Liaisons’ Live Recap 2/9/12

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 14 'Dangerous Liaisons' Live Recap 2/9/12

Hey Vampire Diary Fans – tonight is an all new episode of my favorite television show The Vampire Diaries.  The show is really heating up – last week was fantastic with all The Originals being unstaked and coming back.  Were you surprised that Klaus mother was the person in the sealed coffin?  I was and I also expected her to be very mad at Klaus but she forgave him.  I guess she just wants her family back together.  I was surprised when they killed off Caroline’s father last week, were you?  First Jeremy gone then Bill, I hope that is it!  If you missed last week’s episode you can read our recap here – believe me the show was fantastic!

On tonight’s show called “Dangerous Liaisons” the Original’s have a dinner party.  Elena is surprised to receive an invitation to a formal ball, and when Damon and Stefan hear the party is being hosted at Klaus’s newly renovated mansion, they both insist on attending the event with her. Caroline and Matt also receive invitations to the ball from unexpected admirers. At the elegant party, Elena learns of a horrifying plan that could lead to numerous deaths and she must decide who she can trust wither her new information.

Also rumored on tonight’s episode Caroline sees a whole new side to Klaus.  We have heard they are eventually going to hook up together, I can so see them together, can you?

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We will be live blogging the show tonight at 8PM EST with all the exciting happens.  So don’t miss the recap, come and spend the evening with us!  While you wait for the recap, you can read some spoilers and see a sneak peek video here!

Tonight’s recap – Elena is talking to Matt – Matt tells Elena that Caroline is holding it together. Elena asks Matt how he is dealing with things because he keeps getting dragged into things. He tells Elena he is fine and she thanks him for being there for him. Elena get in her car and waves goodbye to Matt and something bangs into her car. She gets out and it is Rebekah she grabs her and goes to bite her and Elijah steps in and saves Elena.

Elijah asks her if she is threatening him and Rebekah tells him he is pathetic and leaves. He says to Elena that they have catching up to do.
Elena is telling Stefan and Damon that Elijah’s mother is back. Stefan is upset because the coffin was the only think that was saving them. Elena gets an invitation in the mail for a ball at the Michaelson’s party. There is a note on the bank from Elijah’s mom Esther. It says “Elena I think it is time we meet.”

Klaus comes to talk to Rebekah and is pissed because she tried to kill Elena. Esther comes in and asks Klaus to come and speak to her. Klaus tells his mother that Rebekah and tried to kill Elena. Esther tells him he has to give it time – he staked all his brothers and sisters. Klaus does not understand he killer her and she has forgiven him. She tells him he has wanted the family to be together for 1,000 years. She asks him who he bringing to the ball tonight.

Elena tells Damon and Stefan that she wants to find out what Esther wants. Damon tells Elena he is going to the ball. Tyler leaves Caroline a message that says he is sorry about her Dad – he tells Caroline he is going to fix himself and then come home to her. Caroline gets a package and an invitation to the ball. There is a note on the package ‘Remember me fondly, Klaus’ in the package is a beautiful gown.

Elena and Caroline are talking about the ball – Caroline asks her why the evil witch wants to talk to her. Elena tells Caroline he does not want to go with the Salvatore brothers because she cannot deal with them. Caroline is upset because Elena did not tell her she kissed Damon. Rebekah walks up to the table and warns Caroline to be careful of Elena.

Rebekah goes and invites Matt to the ball and Caroline is upset – it convinces Caroline to go to the ball.

Carol the Mayor is at the ball and she tells Damon she is there to protect the town. Klaus’ brother Cole introduces himself to Damon. Damon thinks he may know him. Elena walks in to the party and Damon sees her she has a beautiful gown on. Damon walks over to her – he tells her she is not supposed to be at the ball. She walks in arm on arm with both Salvatore brothers.

Caroline looks in her wardrobe for something to wear – and looks at her bed and sees the box with the dress Klaus gave her. She walks into the ball and Klaus sees her – he says good evening and she tells him she needs a drink.

Klaus’ brother tells Elena that if she wants to see her mother than she will have to see him alone. Elijah tells the people at the ball they always start their parties with a waltz. Elena goes to see Esther but Damon stops her and asks her to dance. He tells her she cannot walk into the lion’s den alone.

She agrees to dance since it is a tradition. Damon tells her she looks stunning. Klaus is dancing with Caroline, they are cute together – he tells her he is glad she came. He tells her she looks ravishing in the dress, he tells her she is quite the dancer. Elena is dancing with Damon and when they change partners she ends up with Stefan. Caroline is now dancing with Matt and she asks him why he is here with the ‘she devil.’ He asks her why she is dancing with Klaus.

Elena is dancing with Stefan and Elena tells him they have to talk but not here. Damon is dancing with Rebekah and he tells her she does not look bad.

Elena and Stefan go outside and she tells Stefan she has to get to Esther but Damon won’t let her get anywhere near Esther. She asks Stefan to make sure she can get in the room to see Esther alone. She is glad Stefan still lets her make her own decisions.

Cole asks Rebekah where her date is – Rebekah tells him she is talking to her ex. Cole tells her she is falling for mortals – she tells Cole she is going to kill Matt. Matt is Elena’s ex so Rebekah wants to kill him. She asks Cole to help and he tells her he is in.

Elena takes Damon aside to talk – Stefan comes behind him and knocks him out so Elena can go and speak to Esther.

Elijah comes to see Elena and comments that he heard his mother wants to see her. He tells Elena it is strange and what is strange is she forgave Klaus. He wants Elena to report back on what Esther tells her. She agrees. Elena comes in and Finn is glad she came alone. Esther tells her the smell is sage it is a spell so no one can overhear them. Esther tells her she believes she has a million questions so she should ask. Elena asks how she is alive – she tells Elena that a relative of Bonnie preserved her. She tells Elena there is a way she can undo the evil she created and she needs her help.

Caroline is outside looking at the horse and Klaus walks out and asks her if she likes horses. Caroline wants to know why he invited her – he tells her he likes her. She tells him she is spoken for – she loves Tyler. Klaus tells her – her father once cut his favorite horse’s throat. She asks him why he does not sit down with his father and Klaus tells him it is not possible.

Esther tells Elena that when her children were changed to vampires they ravaged the town. Instead of sticking to animal blood they went for people. Now she wants to undo the wrong – at least that’s what she says… . She wants to kill Klaus and she needs Elena’s help. She tells Elena the ball is actually a ritual and she needs Elena’s blood – only a drop and Elena lets her take it. She is going to put her blood in the champagne and that will start the magic.

She tells Elena that Elijah is more suspicious – but all the children must drink the champagne. She tells Elena that the spell will make them all as one. That way if she kills one they all die. Esther tells Elena her family is an abomination and they have to be destroyed.

Cole wonders where Rebekah was and she tells him the Mayor delayed her. She tells him to calm down that Esther will kill him if he ruins the party.

Damon comes too and he is upset – Stefan tells him to calm down.

Rebekah and Matt are walking outside and he goes to his car to get her a coat he thinks she is cold. She tells him she is a vampire and does not need a coat. She asks him to go back in as Cole walks in back of them. Rebekah has clearly changed her mind about killing him.

Elijah comes up to Elena and asks what his mother wants. Elena lies and tells Elijah she just wanted to apologize. Esther comes to the stairs and tells everyone that waiters are coming around with Champagne she wants to toast that her family is back together as one. Elena watches as all the brothers and sisters drink the champagne.

Klaus takes Caroline to see one of his passions. It is a beautiful painting and she tells him clearly the people at the Louvre are not on vervain. She asks Klaus where she he got the bracelet – and he tells her a princess use to own it. She sees drawings and she asks if they are his and he tells her yes. Klaus also tells Caroline one of his paintings hangs in the Hermitage. Caroline asks why he sires and compels people – she tells him she has figured it out he sires people and bribes them because his father did not love him.

Cole asks Rebekah why she changed her mind – she tells Cole she does not want to kill Matt and Cole cannot believe she likes Matt. Damon comes over to Elena and asks if she got what she wanted – he tells her she is going home now. He tells her that he is trying to keep her safe because he loves her and she tells him maybe that is the problem. Elena then tells him that is not what she meant. Damon tells her he gets it – he cares too much – he is a liability.

Caroline comes looking for Matt – meanwhile Matt is on the balcony and Cole walks up to him and introduces himself. And shakes his hand and almost breaks it. Damon walk in and tells him easy on the hand he is a quarterback and throws Cole off the gallery, jumps off and starts breaking Cole’s neck. Stefan comes out and asks Damon if he is crazy and he says ‘maybe a little, far be it for me to cause a problem.’

Caroline calls Tyler and leaves him a message that she is grateful for what he is doing and she misses him and wishes he was there. She looks on her bed and there is a velvet box and inside there was a paper with a drawing of Caroline with a horse from Klaus and it said ‘thank you for your honesty.’

Elijah is talking to his mother and she is upset because Cole and Rebekah almost ruined her party. Elijah tells Esther he will take care of Cole and Rebekah.
Finn comes in and asks Esther if they can speak freely. He asks Esther if she is having second thought. She tells him no it is just Elijah and he is so moral. She asks Finn if he understands that the spell will link them all as one. He tells her he understand and he is ready to die. Esther tells him they must complete the link. She sticks a knife in him and his blood starts to fall on a document and she is chanting a spell. While she is chanting we see each of them drinking the wine. She tells Finn the link is complete they are one.

Stefan is with Elena and says to her Esther wants to kill her whole family and he for one won’t be sad to see them go. Elena tells him it is not that simple – she just signed everyone’s death warrant. Stefan asks Elena where Damon is – he asks her why he went after Cole. Elena tells him it is Damon being self-destructive because she told him something she did not mean. Stefan tells Elena so did he.

Elena asks Stefan if he really did not feel anything – she asks him how he does it. She tells Stefan she feels everything. Stefan tells her he hates himself because he bit her – Elena tells him to do something then. Stefan tells Elena if he lets himself care all he feels is pain.

Rebekah comes into the bar and talks to Matt – Matt tells her he came to a ball and got his hand crushed he asks her to leave. Rebekah apologies for Cole – he tells her she is fun and pretty but she should leave. Damon comes up and says:’rejected by the captain of the football team.’ Damon tells Rebekah she would have broke Matt anyway because she is not gentle. Damon tells her she needs someone more durable. Next we see Damon and Rebekah are making out vampire style.

That is a wrap for tonight – don’t forget to come back tomorrow for our wrap-up!