The Voice Season 3 Week 3 “Blind Auditions Part 6” Recap 9/24/12

The Voice Season 3 Week 3 "Blind Auditions Part 6" Recap 9/24/12

Tonight on NBC at 8PM The Voice returns with a whole new episode as the Blind Auditions continue with Part 6. On tonight’s show our judges Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green, Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton  continue with their teams filling up, as they start to zero in on the artists they need.  If you missed last week’s episodes you can read our full and detailed recaps here ->  Part 4 and Part 5.

On last night’s show the Voice’s fourth and fifth blind audition rounds premiered.  These were, by far, the worst audition rounds of the season. No-one, except Avery Wilson, made our eyes twinkle with excitement.  The most notable performance was from 16-year-old phenom Avery Wilson who spuns four coaches around with his “Without You.”  Avery grew up in a family of dancers and when he was seven, his father realized that he was really a singer. Avery felt like he owed this one to his dad who recognized his talent.

Adam loved Avery and could not believe that Avery was 16, he thought he was beyond his years. Christina could tell that he had had no singing lessons, she remarked you cannot teach him what he had. Blake hit his button out of absolute respect for his vocal abilities. Cee Lo showered him with compliments; he was humbled and inspired and felt that even he could become even better if he worked with him. Avery chooses Cee Lo.

Here are how the teams look so far – Team Christina – De’borah, Devyn DeLoera, Adriana Louise, Aquile, Nelly’s Echo, Lisa Scinta, MarissaAnn, Beat Frequency, PaulinaPaulina and Joselyn Rivera. Team Adam – Bryan Keith, Joe Kirkland, Samuel Mouton, Loren Allred, Nicole Nelson, Melanie Martinez, Brian Scartocci, Alessandra Guercio, Adanna Duru, Collin McLoughlin and Benji. Team Cee Lo – Daniel Rosa, Trevin Hunte, MacKenzie Bourg, DOMO, JR Aquino, Nicholas David, Avery Wilson, Mycle Wastman, Emily Earle, Ben Taub and Todd Kessler. Team Blake – Terry McDermott, Gracia Harrison, Casey Muessigmann, Julio Cesar Castillo, 2 Steel Girls, Liz Davis and Kelly Crapa.

Here are the judges’ contestant amounts so far: Christina Aguilera – 10, Adam Levine – 11, Cee Lo Green – 11, Blake Shelton – 7

On tonight’s show with their teams filling up, the coaches start to zero in on the artists they need.  This week there will be two auditions shows, tonight and tomorrow night.  According to the preview we have seen there will be some fantastic performances and more surprises. It will be all about “The dreamboat” tonight as the judges comment on the men’s good looks.  Not only Christina but the men get into the act of complimenting the men.  It looks like the usual fun!

 Tonight’s premiere is going to be and exciting one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of NBC’s The Voice – tonight at 8PM EST!  While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how what you thought of last week’s premiere week of The Voice?

Tonight’s episode: The blind auditions are in full swing as our superstar artists continue to choose singers to be on their teams. Tonight, with more than half the spots taken, the singers will have to put everything on the line.

Michelle Brooks-Thompson moved to St. Louis shortly after she was married for her husband to join a football team, unfortunately he didn’t make it, his dream was taken back. Tonight, Michelle feels just like her husband, trying out for her dream and hope the same thing doesn’t happen to her. Michelle sings Proud Mary. Cee Lo and Adam’s chairs turn in unison within seconds, Christina is itching to hit her button, but hasn’t yet. Christina turned, she couldn’t resist Michelle’s voice and Adam gives her a standing ovation. Adam loved her groove and found that she was incredible. Christina was waiting for a flaw, but she didn’t find one and had so much fun. Blake said he felt like an idiot that he didn’t hit his button. Cee Lo found that Michelle’s rendition was fresh and he would love to work with her. Michelle chooses Adam.

Diego Val was hospitalized for years when he was struck with disease as a child. Now, he is giving back by singing to kids who are sick. Diego is singing Animal. Cee Lo turns and tells Diego it was a great rendition. Adam didn’t push his button because he thought Diego should be with Cee Lo. Christina is hoping to snatch Diego up later if there is a twist in the game. Diego is on Cee Lo’s team.

Lauren Brooke has been singing since she was ten years old, she had dyslexia in school and was self conscious as a result. Her uncle, who passed away, was a huge inspiration having not learned how to read and write but owned his own business, he was her biggest fan. Lauren is singing Cowboy Casonova. Nobody turns around. Cee Lo thinks she did a great job. Adam felt that there were some pitchy things, but she has a strong presence. Blake also says the pitchy things are what stopped him from turning around. Christina thinks she has something special, but she needs more practice and finesse.

Suzanna Choffel teaches music for a living and enjoys seeing the magic that comes out of the children. She wants to be on The Voice to show her students that they can follow their dream. Suzanna is singing Afraid of Changes. Adam turns around, then Blake. Cee Lo says he could tell it was a grown women singing that song. Christina loved the suttle approach. Adam thought it sounded refreshingly unique. Blake thought it was very good and wants to be the guy to help her where she wants to go. Suzanna chooses Blake.

Other singers that made it on Blake’s team tonight were Mchaela Paige and Ryan Jirovec.

Dez Duron was on The Voice last year and nobody turned around, but Christina was upset that she didn’t hit her button. Dez is ready to do it this time so that somebody turns around. Dez is singing Sara Smile. Blake is the first one to turn around, with Christina and Cee Lo right behind him. Cee Lo thinks he did a great job and remembers him from last season. Christina was too late last year, but she was on it this year. Cee Lo loved the soul in his voice, Dez tells him that he grew up with gospel. Christina loves soul music and gospel, so she thinks he should pick her. Blake tells Dez that he’s good looking and man to man, he’s hot. Dez chooses Christina.

VJ teaches music at Silver Lake Conservatory, he loves his students and giving his all to them. VJ is on The Voice because he wants to take the next step from teacher to performer. VJ is singing Forget You. Nobody turns around. Blake found the song was really odd for his voice. Christina felt like he was putting himself in shoes that were too big for him. Cee Lo tells VJ that he has great taste in music. VJ tells Cee Lo he sang the song because he loves him, Cee Lo gets up on stage and sings the song with VJ.

Alexis Marceaux writes music since she was 13, she’s originally from New Orleans, Louisiana but had to leave because of hurricane Katrina, but feels luck to have her family; music was her true therapy for what she was feeling at the time. Alexis is singing Go Your Own Way. Cee Lo turns around. Cee Lo loves her wonderful and impeccable voice, she had so much control. Christina felt she had a country vibe. Adam is happy she got through and thinks she will do well with Cee Lo. Alexis is on Cee Lo’s team.

Sam Jones also made it through tonight on Adam’s team, Laura Vivas on Christina’s t4aem aqnd Lielia Broussard on Blake’s team.

Brandon Mahone hopes his classical influences can help the judges turn their chairs around. While he was in Chicago in school, there was a lot of trouble and fighting amongst the children. His mother took him out of school and moved him to Minneapolis. Brandon is singing I wish It Would Rain. Adam turns around, then Cee Lo and Christina. Christina thought it was so smooth and soulful, she heard the emotion in the song and can’t believe he is 17. Cee Lo pushed his button because he wanted to see Brandon play out the song, he commends him on a great job. Adam thought it was cool that he felt like a real soul singer. Brandon chooses Adam.

Jeffrey James has two jobs, on of them is parking cars as a valet. Getting a button pushed would totally change his life, music is the only thing he wants to do. Jeffrey is singing A Little Less Conversation. Nobody turns around. Adam thought he was unique. Blake felt that he hit that cool tone too late. Christina thought that he was great and a very talented singer.

Jordan Pruitt made her first album when she was ten and was signed on to Disney, she feels blessed to have had a career as a teen pop star. She left her label two years ago, she is 21 now and is looking for more. Jordan is singing The One That Got Away. Christina turns around and says that she has been waiting for her, she loved the performance. Adam congratulates Jordan. Cee Lo loves her outfit and tells she has a great coach. Jordan is on Christina’s team.

Terisa Griffin was homeless and living in her car, but she met Jerry Butler and started working for him. She has never given up and stopped dreaming. Terisa is singing Someone Like You. Both Christina and Blake turn around. Christina heard some nerves, but once the chorus came in she soared. Blake says he hits his button because he thought she was awesome. Terisa chooses Blake.

Here’s where the teams stand; Adam has 14, Blake has 12, Cee Lo has 13 and Christina has 13.

The end!