The X Factor USA 2012 Season 2 Episode 5 Recap 9/26/12

The X Factor USA 2012 Season 2 Episode 5 Recap 9/26/12

Tonight on FOX The X Factor USA returns with “Auditions #5.” This is the last week of auditions as contestants continue to audition for the judges in hopes of winning a $5 million dollar recording contract.  If you missed last night’s  auditions#3 episode you can read our full and detailed recap HERE!

The X-Factor USA is quickly building to a deafening crescendo while we closely resemble smiling morticians, especially when an emotional audition is used as a lead-out for the episode. Tonight will be no different. We’re already plastering on smudge-proof make-up and water-proof guy liner so that no-one would see us weeping in our hands. We blame Jillian Jensen and Jeffrey Gutt for this emotional reaction!

Celeb Dirty Laundry will be bringing you the live recap of tonight’s show and the full review tomorrow morning when the birds still chirp and the worms still crawl. Bookmark this page on Google Chrome (you’re not using Internet Explorer, are you?), sit down and relax with us while we bring you the soothing sounds of Simon’s British accent. Last week, the most outstanding contestant of the bunch was Jeffrey Gutt, with his emotive and transcendental performance of “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen.

Tonight we’re in for a tough one when Gene Simmons’ daughter tries out in San Francisco. Will she make it? Will she become the one to watch? We’re already biting our nails and playing our KISS records to get us pumped up for the new episode. Join us tonight for a journey into the darkest (and most insane) annals of Rock and Roll history! Whip out your tongue and make the famous KISS sign with your fingers – X-Factor is about to blow you apart!

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Tonight’s recap: The X Factor is in Providence, RI – there are 1,000’s of people waiting in line.  The auditions are starting now.

Adonis & John who are born ready and are the OG’s the Original Greeks.  They say they can sing, they can act and they can clean and cook LOL. They sing Lionel Richie’s HelloJudges Comments: LA Reid: “The good news is you have a day job.”  Demi “I never heard that song so hood. “  Simon: “I never heard that song so murdered, it was not good.”  All the judges say NO!

We are treated to many other bad performances happen, that all the judges say NO to it.  Really bad.

Dinah Jane who lives in a house with 20 of her family members.  She is just 15-years-old and this is the first time she has ever auditioned.  She is singing Beyonce’s “If I were a Boy.”  Judges Comments: LA: “It is so tough to take a song from Beyonce and do it well but you took it where Beyonce did not take it.  I predict you will be one of our finalists!”  Britney:  “You made my day, it was amazing.”  Demi“I got the chills several times when you were singing.  I will buy you music one day.  You have an incredible voice.”  Simon:  “This is why we came to Providence to find someone like you.  If you sang that on behalf of your family they are going to be very proud of you.”

Arin Ray, 16, from Ohio and he is 16.  This is his second try at The X Factor, the last time he auditioned he auditioned as a group now he is solo.  He is singing “Count On Me” and original song that he wrote.  Judges Comments: LA: ” I liked you last year, I like you even more this year.  You embody X Factor.”  Britney: “I feel like you are a true star.”  Demi: “Your confidence is really, really great!”  Simon: “Great audition, I don’t know what happened the last year, but you have it.”  All the judges vote YES!

In a bunch of quicky auditions – Natalie Martin sang Stay by Sugarland and the four judges said YES.  Next is Nick who all the judges think is brilliant and they all vote him YES!  Beatrice Miller who is 13 years old is next.  LA Reid think she is special and she got a YES and then the other four judges give her a YES.  One4Five – a rap group – Demi is blown away and all four judges vote YES!  There are several other yes auditions but we don’t get many details.

Changyi, she is from China and has lived in America for 12 years and she is 52 and wow she looks really young.  She is singing Celine Dion’s ‘My Heart Will Go On.’  Judges Comments Simon: The good news is if they ever remake the film you could replace the iceberg.  Demi:  I don’t think singing is for you.  Britney and LA say No and then Demi and Simon NO.  That was really said, they laughed at her and she was not that bad ……

We are now in Greensboro, NC for auditions.

Austin Corini, 16, from California a real cutie and a few girls ask him for his autograph.  He is singing Wanted by Hunter Hayes  Judges Comments:  Britney: I think you have an amazing voice and the whole package.  I loved it!  Demi:  I can tell you love doing this, you have  great voiceLA: You are adorable. Simon:  You are use to performing and get a good reaction because you are great.  That was 80% you need more vocal lessons and you can do a lot more with it.  You have to be remembered for your voice and not just your hair.  Demi – Yes, Britney – Yes, LA – Yes (based on what I believe) Simon – YES (best on what I am hoping)

Nick  Youngerman A 20-year old rapper – he gets Britney up dancing. He is singing “Ice, Ice Baby”  Britney think he is adorable and LA thinks he is going to the finals.  It is a YES all around.

Jaime – a girl and boy group they are in love and think they are winning.  They are from Miami and they are engaged.  They are going to sing an original that they wrote and it is called “Will you be my baby.”  Judges Comments: Simon: “If I was auditioning for a cruise line, it might work.”  LA:  It is NO.  Britney NO, Demi NO!

David Correy, 26, he believes he was meant to do this.  He was adopted from Brazil and hopes if he wins he can reconnect with his birth mother. He is singing Bruno Mars “Just The Way You Are”  Judges Comments: Britney: “I think you are great and you have amazing stage presence.  LA: There is something really impressive about you.  Especially in your upper register! “ – The judges vote right away – All YES from all the judges and he is going to boot camp.

Sophie-Tweed Simmons, 19, from LA and she is the daughter of Shannon Tweet and Gene Simmons.  She wanted to wait with everyone else and the fans are taking pictures of him.  He wants to step out of the KISS shadow.  Demi recognizes her right away as Nick Simmon’s sister.  Sophie says her parents did not know she was doing this and they are pretty mad at her.  She is singing an Adele song “Best of My Love.”  Judges Comments:  Demi: “I think if you got a little more control you could be great.” LA: “I did not get the chill bumps that I wanted to get.”  Britney: “I think you have a great voice.” Simon: “I like the tone of your voice, I think it was good.”  LA: NO, Britney: YES, Demi: YES, Simon: YES.

Tara Simon and she is from Atlanta Georgia she loves the camera and says she is a singer.  She is totally jealous of Gene Simmons daughter and goes on and on.  Simon says they have no tapped what she could do.  A vocal coach told her to do itLA: it was really good.  Britney  she was a true performer.  Demi I was not feeling the beginning the song but you got better.  All Judges vote yes and she is going to boot camp.

Daryl Black he is hear to improve his families conditions.  He is married with five children.  He is singing Stereo Voice By Gym Class Heroes.  Judges Comments: Demi: “WoW you have an amazing voice. “ LA: “A Golden Voice.”  Britney:  “I loved your voice. “ Simon:  “You remind me of Nat King Cole.  You are smart if you do something that is different and unique from everyone else there is a place for you.”  All four judges say YES and he is going to boot camp.

In San Francisco, CA Trevor Moran and he is 13-years-old.  Trevor loves to perform.

To be continued……

It looks like Trevor gets ill, come back to read our recap next week!