The X Factor USA’s Simon Cowell Consoles A Depressed Britney Spears

The X Factor USA's Simon Cowell Consoles A Depressed Britney Spears

Nothing stops Simon Cowell. Many have attempted to take down the music mogul in memorable American Idol and X-Factor USA auditions, but no-one has been able to crack the nastiest judge on television. Not even Frankenstorm Sandy was able to stop Cowell from promoting the live broadcasts of X-Factor on Jay Leno last night. During the west coast interview, Britney Spears and Cowell had a long chat about what Britney experienced during her first time on the set.

According to Britney, she struggled whenever she heard boos from the live crowd during the audition rounds. Cowell explained, “There was this look to me like, ‘What have I signed up for here?’ After two hours, we had a conversation and it was like, ‘I’m not sure I should be doing this. They all hate me. They’re booing me. And I said, ‘You’re doing a brilliant job. Get used to it.’” Britney, on the other hand, has never experienced this type of critique from a live audience, even though she’s been in the music industry for the past decade. “You just like, cringe. You’re just like, ‘oh my God!’” The pop superstar said to Leno.

Luckily for Brit-Brit, the role of being an acerbic judge is growing on her. She’s also getting used to the live audience critique and the burning down of dreams in aspiring singers. She compared this experience to becoming a doctor and said, “If they’re wasting seven years of their life doing that – I would want to know [if it’s good or bad].” Brit-Brit needn’t worry about this year’s live shows, as we’re almost certain Cowell would once again be the most booed man on set.

After a two week delay, the live shows will be kicking off tomorrow night with some of the best talent we’ve seen in the two season history of this show. The novelty wore off after the first season; so many viewers might stick to what they know best, namely American Idol. However, X-Factor USA is still one of the most interesting reality television shows currently being aired, so tune-in and watch the acts duke it out on the live stage with hosts Khloe Kardashian and Mario Lopez in the wings. Will you be watching? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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