Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes Were Separated For Weeks Before Divorce Filed

All was not well in Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ marriage in the weeks leading up to Katie’s filing for divorce in New York City last Friday – and they both knew it. Sources have determined that while both Tom and Katie were in NYC for several days in the past few weeks, they slept apart, and in fact lived in different places!

The couple were de facto separated – and even worse, as we have reported here at CDL, Tom was engaged in a massive espionage campaign aimed at his wife!

Scientology comes to life here – as Tom’s security team spied on Katie, she lived with daughter Suri Cruise in the couple’s apartment that she and Tom formerly shared, while Tommy stayed at The Greenwich Hotel.  This gets even weirder since Katie was shuttling between the ‘old’ apartment mentioned above and a new one she recently acquired.  Obviously Katie had been planning her escape for some time.

Katie did bring Suri to visit papa twice for a few hours at the hotel where he was hiding out.  According to sources, Tom had no prior knowledge of these visits and his security team was taken by surprise.  Additionally, Tom’s crack team of Scientology spies totally missed the fact that Katie was planning to file for divorce.

TMZ has the exclusive: Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise were both in New York City in the weeks leading up to her filing for divorce, but they did NOT stay under the same roof … TMZ has learned.

According to our sources, Tom was in town for a few days around June 10 to film a movie. We’re told Tom did not stay in the apartment the couple has in NYC … but rather at The Greenwich Hotel … and never once stepped in or near the apartment.

Our sources say Katie, meanwhile, was going back and forth between the apartment she and Tom shared, and a new apartment she recently got.

We’re told Katie did bring Suri to visit Tom at the hotel on two occasions for a few hours and that the visits were unplanned — Tom’s own security didn’t even know they were coming.

According to the people we spoke to in Tom and Katie’s building … they couldn’t remember the last time they had seen Tom.  Our sources say that while they were clearly having problems, Tom had no idea this was coming and his entire team was caught flat-footed by the filing.

Something in Katie’s partially brainwashed mind either snapped or went back into place a few months ago.  She realized she was unhappy, desperately so, and decided to make a break for freedom from over-controlling Tom and his cult of weirdo Scientologists.  She consulted her parents (her dad, Martin Holmes,  is an attorney), got lawyered up, and filed for divorce while Tom was in Iceland.   Now the real battle begins…  Tom Cruise does not know how to lose and he obviously doesn’t know when to quit.

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