Is Tom Cruise A Better Parent Than Katie Holmes And A Better Person?

Is Tom Cruise A Better Parent Than Katie Holmes And  A Better Person?

Much of the media is still running with the nonsense that Katie Holmes is a hero for blindsiding Tom Cruise with a hostile divorce. From reading the tales of woe one would think that Katie was forced to marry some Bluebeard, had been a prisoner for 5 years, but then finally made her escape! The specious arguments we hear in Katie’s support tend to follow along the lines that she is saving daughter Suri and/or herself from Scientology and Tom’s draconian rule. From the very start of this well-planned career move on Katie’s part I have said that the divorce is all about Katie wanting to be a huge star and has nothing to do with Suri.

While a minor TV actress, Katie participated in an interview process in order to be considered as a potential bride for Tom.  And she wasn’t his first choice – but she stuck around anyway, embracing all of Scientology and agreeing to be Tom’s doting wife.  Katie Holmes married Tom Cruise not primarily because she loved him, if she did at all, but because she wanted to boost her career – after all Tom is and was an absolute A+ Hollywood star with tremendous clout.

So what changed?  Why did Katie file for divorce?  Well Tom didn’t change – he is still the wacky Scientology buff he was when they married – but Katie changed.  Katie decided it was time to make her career move since Tom was not promoting her as she had hoped.  At 33 Katie figured it was time to strike.  She dumped Tom, dumped Scientology, fired Tom’s daughter Isabella, changed her security team and got rid of all of Tom’s people, changed her apartment – in other words, Katie’s world underwent an almost total regime change.

Since Katie filed for divorce she has taken advantage of the attendant buzz to take Suri out for almost daily photo opportunities, despite the child’s fear and dislike of the paparazzi.  Meanwhile she plans her new life to be free of Tom and Scientology but very much in the public eye – Katie is set to reboot her career by starring on Broadway in an upcoming production of playwright Theresa Rebeck’s “Dead Accounts.”  The Broadway exposure serves as the perfect audition for Katie – and with the current media frenzy her divorce has produced, she expects some big time Hollywood offers.  We also must note that Katie has already joined a Roman Catholic Church in NYC – Katie registered at the Church of St. Francis Xavier.

Tell me, what kind of person pretends to embrace Scientology only in order to marry Tom Cruise, but immediately after filing for divorce jumps ship and goes back to the faith of her upbringing? I’ll tell you what kind of person does that – we call that kind a person a phoney famewhore.

Back to the theme of our title – Star Magazine Print Edition, August 6, 2012 has a touching description of a lovely afternoon during which Tom and Suri spent time together:

It was 98 degrees in NYC, the kind of day when New York kids hole up inside or, if they’re lucky, find some water to play in. The Greenwich Hotel had the best of both options, and indoor pool. That’s where Star’s undercover reporter found Tom and Suri.

“How’s the water? Is it warm?” our reporter asked Tom as she entered the pool room. Other than a security guard posted outside the door and a lifeguard, no one else was there.

“Yeah, it’s pretty warm!” he called back.

“Are you guys going to be here awhile? I don’t want to disrupt your alone time together,” she said.

I don’t know. Suri, are we going to be here awhile?” he asked his daughter.

“Yes,” she chirped.

“Don’t worry about it,” Tom said. “Come on in!”

Our reporter chose not to interfere with their reunion, but for the next hour and half would up swimming and hanging out with Tom and Suri. He and his daughter played “catch,” where Suri would paddle around the pool on a foam noodle as Tom chased her. They also played a game where she was always safe on her “sea horse.” He also taught her how to shoot water out of the foam noodles and blow bubbles in the water.

Towards the end of their pool time, another couple entered the room. When the woman realized who he was, she became excited.

“So you’re the reason all the paparazzi are outside!” she declared. “Someone told me all this commotion was over Mary-Kate Olsen.”

“Can we please not talk about this?” Tom said. But she kept rambling about how she couldn’t understand why they wouldn’t just leave him alone. This time, Tom raised his voice and said, “Please, let’s not talk about this, OK?”

Our reporter was left with an overwhelming impression of an extremely doting father and a daughter who trusted him implicitly.”

Compare the above description of Tom’s top quality parenting to Katie schlepping her poor child around NYC on photo opportunities and smiling as if she herself were a big star, and not merely the soon-to-be ex-wife of a very big star.  Let’s not forget Katie making Suri cry by refusing to buy her a puppy – and this after taking her to look at, and play with, the pets.  Is Katie dumb or just insensitive?  Oh, and wait, Katie has also enrolled Suri in Lady Gaga’s alma mater – WTF?  Oh yes, it was also Paris Hilton’s former school so I guess that makes it okay.

Tom gets my vote as the better parent and the better person.  Tom did not pretend to Katie that he was anything but a rabid Scientologist – while she pretended to agree to be one.  Tom hoped to have a happy marriage and raise a child – Katie wanted to boost her career – when that didn’t happen she plotted her sneaky and hostile divorce.  I said it before but I’ll say it again just for the sake of completeness – Katie Holmes is a famewhore – that’s it and that’s all.