Tom Cruise Is Now Covered In Crap

Tom Cruise Is Now Covered In Crap

Tom Cruise has had lots of problems lately and it seems they all started with his new film Rock of Ages completely bombing at the box office. Almost everything in the film from the acting, plot, set design and poor character choices made this film incredibly terrible, it was so bad that it made me want to gouge my own eyes out!

Then Tom went on his promotional tour for Rock of Ages minus Katie Holmes and this was the first time since the couple have been together that she did not support one of his films. No doubt this was a clear sign of things to come for the couple because Tom now has a divorce to contend with since wife Katie filed the papers in New York today.

If that wasn’t enough for the Top Gun, he is so terrified of looking old when he turns 50 in a few days that he started using a very weird mixture to cover his face all over to reduce the effects of aging and this mixture consists of nightingale poo, rice bran and water… yes our source reveals that Tom spreads nightingale poo on his face! Could this be one of the reasons Katie let him? I don’t know about you, but it would be really hard for me to be around someone who spreads poo on their face.

When you think of it, it’s kind of sad that Tom is worried about aging, most men aren’t. Usually women are the ones who fear the aging process and resort to drastic measures, although I don’t know if there are many that spread bird poop on their faces.

Tom might be having to bathe in this poo soon because the stress is only going to get worse as Katie is filing for sole custody of their daughter Suri.