Tom Cruise Reunites With Suri Cruise For The First Time Since Divorce

Tom Cruise Reunites With Suri Cruise For The First Time Since Divorce 0717

Suri Cruise was back in Tom Cruise’s arms this morning as the actor flew in to New York to visit his daughter for the first time since Katie Holmes started divorce proceedings last month.

Tom just finished shooting his movie, Oblivion, in California and sources close to the actor have said getting back to Suri was his number one priority. In the divorce settlement, Katie was granted custody but Tom retains generous visitation rights. TMZ reports that Tom will be spending several days with Suri and is kicking off the reunion by taking her to Chelsea Piers later today for her gymnastics lesson.

If you’re waiting for a report on a massive blow up between Katie and Tom, relax because sources say the two didn’t run into each other. Apparently, Tom went inside Katie’s apartment for about five minutes. TMZ says Tom will have no contact with Katie as they continue forward with sharing Suri. Intermediaries will pick Suri up and drop her off. There are pics of Tom’s sister, Cass, entering the hotel with gifts so I assume she might be one of those lucky few who get to shuttle the six-year-old back and forth.

This is yet again another big win for Katie. People speculated that Tom wanted Suri flown to visit him in LA because NYC would be too big of a media circus, but Katie was adamant that if Tom wanted to see Suri, he had to come to her. And he came as soon as he could. TMZ has the pic of Tom carrying Suri into The Greenwich Hotel. It’s a little heartbreaking. Sure, it’s easy and kind of fun to rip on Tom with his fanatical laughter and motorcycle cool guy persona but this situation has been sh-tty for him. I’m not all Team Tom now. I didn’t want that baby involved with Scientology as much as the next person but she is his kid and she is only six. And say what you want about Tom sacrificing Suri to Xenu but you can tell he loves his kid. Hopefully Tom and Katie can make this arrangement work for Suri.

What do you think of the fact that Tom and Katie didn’t meet? Do you feel that’s a little cowardly on Katie’s part? She completely ripped the floor out from under him and encouraged the tabloids to crucify him in the press. Most of us believe it was for the greater good, however, I kind of wish she could look him in the eye now. Or is it just too soon and are feelings just too raw?

And will Tom play the same media game as Katie? If you think she’s dragging Suri all over Manhattan because she likes exploiting her daughter, you might be a tad naive. Whoever has that kid in their possession has a chance to sway the public. Look at me, I just saw the pic of Tom holding Suri and I eased up on him a little bit. Tom knows how to go stealth. If he doesn’t and chooses to let the photogs capture him out with Suri, we’ll know why. The next few days should be interesting. We’ll keep you posted!

Photo Credit: AAR/Fame Pictures

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