Tom Cruise Spoils Suri Rotten While Isabella Lives Like The Homeless

Tom Cruise Spoils Suri Rotten While Isabella Lives Like The Homeless

I think we’ve all sort of suspected that Suri Cruise was Tom’sGolden child” and now that speculation is beginning to be made abundantly clear. Since Katie Holmes filed for divorce, spoiled rotten Suri has been shuffled around by private helicopter, bought every new toy imaginable and even spent some time completely taking over Walt Disney World.  She has had the life of privilege that most six year olds go to sleep and dream about.

Tom has two teenaged children with second ex wife, Nicole Kidman, that seem to be living a totally different kind of life, in spit of their acceptance of Scientology!  Daughter Isabella Cruise is living in a grimy apartment with her boyfriend, Eddie Frencher, in one of the worst parts of LA.  The 19 year old rarely sees her father according to the new issue of Womansday.

“Bella is a little lost right now. She’s old enough to have the freedom, but she’s not very confident,” our insider explains. “When Katie fired her from her fashion house Holmes & Yang earlier this year, Bella lost some motivation. She’s just bored so she’s meandering around town with that guy [Eddie]. Tom allows it but it’s only because he’s too busy and really doesn’t have the time to look after anyone but himself and Suri.”

Wouldn’t you think that since Bella has been raised in Tom’s cult and accepted many of the teachings, she would be in his good graces or at least cared for?  It sounds like he could care less and Bella has just been a pawn to make him look good in his religion and on paper as a father, at least until now.  Maybe Bella turned her back on Scientology and this is part of his shunning her.  We all know that Tom does as he is told and he tends to cut out those closest to him the minute they denounce his faith.  Do you think that this has played a role in Bella’s current situation or does Tom simply care more about Suri?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Tom Cruise Spoils Suri Rotten While Isabella Lives Like The Homeless

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  2. Poor Bella needs some facial treatment pronto. She would be better off writing a tell all book named Daddy Dearest, it would be a best seller for sure!

  3. Channah says:

    Where is her famous mother, Nicole Kidman, in all of this? It’s her child too!

  4. She looks horrible…….and neither of her parents seem interested in her…….I don’t understand??

  5. Reality Bites says:

    Her boyfriend who she is living on skid row with is a Scientologist as well. And she actually left Katie’s internship to spend more time with her boyfriend and his band. Tom believes all children should be treated as adults since they lived previous lives so they are allowed to make their on decisions.. therefore Bella is allowed to do whatever and live with whomever and in Skid Row if she would like since to question her would be disrespectful. Which is why the kids would have been better off being raised by Nicole and away from the cult.. but Tom won that war. Facts are easy to come by if you research it.

  6. Mema says:

    I have noticed that in all her pictures she looks sad or depressed mostly. Also compaired to Suri’s wardrobe Issa clothes look like they came from good will. No disrespect to those who buy there. Its just that Tom is so rich. A dermatologist and make over would serve her well. Or maybe she doesn’t give a crap. If she does though, Tom is so wrong to not treat them equal. Sad.

  7. emeraldwater says:

    Tom Cruise allowed Katie to treat Bella like a piece of trash she could wipe her ass on. From the sad appearance Tom don’t give a damn about his 19 year old adopted daughter. The money he is spending on Suri could easy afford to buy his adopted daughter a house and car also find send her for medical care treatment for her acney. He is a pathetic human being and should be ashamed to have his adopted photographed looking homeless like this while he is shown with Suri hugged all up like she is can’t walk. A wealthy sad joke I am tried of hearing about the jerk. Him and Katie really deserved each other they’re both cut from the same cloth. I will never watch or spend a dime on a any Tom Cruise movie he is not worth it. How you gone treat your adopeted children like trash.

    • Carolina_D says:

      Doesn’t Nicole have any responsibility as well? She is ALSO part of the adoption. Mothers are usually more involved in their kids lives than fathers, but I haven’t heard of her reaching out to either Isabella or Conner.

    • You sound like you live in the same house as Cruise and know all the details of their lives. Get a life you troll, and stop typing this from your parents’ basement.

  8. Sara Jackson says:

    get this girl some proactiv asap!

  9. Patricia Evans says:

    She a grown woman and shouldn’t expect mommy and daddy to take care of her. If she wants to live with her boyfriend, that’s her decision. If her parents want to give her money, that’s up to them. No one should expect it. Maybe they should get jobs.

  10. Beth M Downs says:

    Never have I seen a 6 yr old child carried around like an infant so much in my life! This girl is old enough to walk and this pandering to her to be babied, carried, and coddled whenever she demands it or has a temper tantrum is going to f**k up her head worse than the Scientology is!

  11. Diana Ramirez says:

    why can’t people see both marriages were fake? He “hires” wives . They adopted to make the marriage seem real and get the celebs kids media attention. The children belong to Tom. With Kate he cut another deal but since it was biological child of hers also, he must give her some ownership. He got more attention and press as a celeb couple from Kidman than Kate but more attention from Kates child she sold him then ones he adopted with Kidman. He doesn’t do as many public outings and photo ops with old kids because no one buys it. They eat up the pics with suri though, he gets miles of press for every public moment he spends with “kids” Maybe someday one child will write a book. my guess is the boy. He seems to be cut from the same cloth as Tom, attention seeker.He will come out to.

  12. jaime bergeson says:

    living in an apartment is not homeless…. she just not living the luxury mansion… T_T……poor thing.

  13. You cannot compare the treatment of a 6 year old child who is fully dependent upon her parents for everything with a 19 year old young woman who wants to grow into her own life.

  14. CH53 says:

    Isabella is I believe adopted and not a beauty queen physically. Maritza has a good idea, Isabella, I would be proud to have you as a daughter and do write a book calling it “Daddy Dearest” – give us the real scoop on Tom Cruise. Never did care for him. She could, if she wrote a good expose and went on some talk shows earn enough money to live comfortably.

    Maybe she wants to remain normal – I wouldn’t wish the hollywood life on anyone. They, like the British Royals all turn out mucked up personality wise.

    Emeraldwater gave a excellent reply! Shows you the true nature of Tom Cruise. Never did care for him.