Tom Cruise Takes Suri From Katie Holmes For Thanksgiving – Scientology Rules

Tom Cruise Takes Suri From Katie Holmes For Thanksgiving – Scientology Rules

Katie Holmes has a lot to be thankful for this year. From the public’s perspective, she escaped the gilded cage Tom Cruise imprisoned her in during their marriage. Alas, all good things in life come with their price and freedom isn’t exactly free and without strings for Katie.

Katie is spending her first post divorce Thanksgiving without her 6 year old daughter, Suri. The junior fashionista is eating Turkey with her father, Tom. Katie was photographed at New York’s LaGuardia Airport without her mini me. It would’ve been nice if Suri had been able to spend the holiday with her parents, but the wounds of their divorce are still probably raw for both Tom and Katie.

There’s also the possibility that Katie is still regarded as public enemy #1 within Scientology. She pulled off a mission impossible when she left the movie star and got labeled a suppressive person. According to the tenets of L. Ron Hubbard’s religion, suppressive people are never spoken to again once they defect. Nicole Kidman’s name was removed from the scrolls when she divorced Tom and Katie added insult to injury by besting him in the PR wars. Tom survived box office flops, jumping on couches, ridiculing Brooke Shields for her depression and calling Matt Lauer glib but the wrath of Katie Holmes scorned put a dent in his popularity. Not even endless ‘PEOPLE’ love stories to Tom masquerading as cover pieces have stopped the bleeding.

Luckily for Tom, he’s still #1 with his youngest child and whatever his faults, he appears to be a very devoted father – at least once every few months… Tom and Katie may not yet be able to go the Bruce and Demi route of celebrating holidays together but at least Suri isn’t being denied quality time with either parent. Suri may be a little girl with the wealth of a small nation, but sometimes the simplest things are priceless. Her little life isn’t perfect but at least for the holidays, it’s not a rerun of dramatic Hollywood script where turkey is flying and heads are being dunked in the cranberry juice. That sounds like fun but after all the changes Suri has been through this year, normal isn’t so bad.

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  • KeepOnLearning

    Your writer couldn’t have this more backwards. The only people who get short shrift from Scientology are those who viciously attack the church.

    Hundreds of people sign up every day for their first Scientology course or counseling.

    Some continue. Some fail to grasp you actually have to study, learn, and produce positive results to get the benefits of the courses.

    When that latter lazy bunch don’t come back for their second or third courses, do you seriously think anybody is going to ask the rest of Scientology to shun them? That’s just dunder-headed thinking.

    It’s also betraying your readers by feeding them lies so they look stupid when they repeat your nonsense to more well informed friends.

  • KeepOnLearning

    I’m concerned that you constantly misrepresent Scientology. The saddest part is that your coverage comes from the hate-writings of anti-Scientology nutzies.

    The latest concrete example is above. Katie isn’t labelled anything at all by the church. She’s just a person who perhaps took a few Scientology courses, and then decided it wasn’t for her. So what?

    Every day, hundreds of people new to Scientology start one of its introductory courses. Some pay, others take a free course on the Web.

    Some continue onto more courses, others don’t.

    No one can seriously think anybody is going to “label” people who don’t take the next course! What a huge and pointless waste of time that would be.

    A person has to work *really* hard to be obnoxious and hateful to the church or other Scientologists to get the kind of ethics department response you talk about.

    Deciding to pursue some other harmless avenue of life’s interests doesn’t even come close.

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  • choocho

    Keeponlearning is a Scientology Office of Special Affairs “internet handler”, it’s his/hers job to patrol the internet to market Scientology and attack critics.