Vanessa Paradis Flees Johnny Depp With Lily-Rose And Jack (Photos)

Vanessa Paradis Flees Johnny Depp With Lily-Rose And Jack (Photos)

Vanessa Paradis, the now ex-girlfriend of Johnny Depp, took their two children, Lily-Rose Depp and Jack Depp on vacation in Saint Tropez this week. The family of three and some friends were seen on a small boat before making their way onto Johnny Depp’s yacht that was anchored of the coast, the Vajoliroja (Named for the first letters of the names of his family). Let’s not forget that this time last year the former couple were spotted on the same

However, times have changed for the family. The couple announced their split earlier this year after 14 years together.  During a recent chat with Harper’s Bazaar via Popsugar, Vanessa explained what she looks for in a man, saying: “Well, my type is obviously creative …creative, with burning eyes and a pretty.”  She neglected to mention that her type is also a self-indulgent flake indulging in an extended mid-life crisis.

This is probably a good time to take a family vacation. There were reports recently that Lily-Rose is turning into a real wild child teenager! With Lily-Rose’s parent splitting it’s been getting to her and now her parents are fearing that she is going to turn into the next Lindsay Lohan. That could quite possibly be a parent’s worst nightmare.

Maybe Lily-Rose saw her father’s erratic behavior – such as sleeping around, boozing it up, clinging on to his youth, etc, and now thinks it’s fine to do the same. Despite reportedly being concerned for his own daughter, Depp was nowhere to be seen on this vacation. Yes, I understand they aren’t a family anymore but Depp should make time for his daughter. Depp already has more money than he probably knows what to do with at this point so it wouldn’t hurt to relax for a little while, maybe take a vacation and spend time with his children. Regardless of whether or not your 13-year-old daughter wants to spend time with you.

Vanessa probably wasn’t using the Vajoliroja for a disciplinary voyage for Lily-Rose.  Have a look at the Paradis-Depp family and their bare-bones accommodations – see how they struggle


  • Depp has to work in “Lone Ranger” until september…the shooting is way behind schedule so is not that the main actor can go on vacation AGAIN (because at middle of july, Johnny took vacations with Lily, Jack and also Vanessa in their house at South of France)…even rich-powerful actors have to work sometimes!!

  • a friend

    Vanessa has to find a really nice man, a sophisticated type from Europe, intelligent, romantic, not the Depp type. Vanessa has to keep her appearance always glamorous even in private it will make her feel great about herself in the eyes of others, don’t let them say “no wonder he left her” Marriage by Vanessa to a really hot buisness man a no nonsense type would put Johnny in his place. Johnny Depp is being wild and carefree, let him go graze in thorny pastures. Vanessa needs to keep on keeping the paparazzi vultures away from her children who are impressionable, especially if fame becomes a thrill. Get them interested in science, biology, botony, subjects that are endless pursuits in the understanding of nature. Let them have minds. The daughter wants to sing, ok, but develope philosophical thought as well, make such subjects appealing. Don’t just show the glitz of the Riveiera, Hollywood and expect them to be ordinary. They will be just as fast and shallow as those types. Think.

  • Johnny Depp loves his children but Vanessa won’t let him have them. He just last month was able to see them for a little while but he had to go to Paris to see them per Vanessa’s request. Johnny loves his kids and Vanessa needs to stop using them for her gain! They were never married and he owes her nothing and he does pay child support and gives his kids what they need. Johnny gave his son a birthday party in LA and Vanessa didn’t show up and it’s not the first time she has not shown up for their birthdays. All teens act up, it’s all in how you handle them. I don’t see Vanessa as a responsible parent.

    • Lou

      Stop spreading hateful lies you idiot!!! Why people think it’s okay to play with the lives of other peoples children I don’t know, but it’s truly disturbing!!

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  • I think most of the A celebs like Johnny and V are pressured into some very nasty selfish, self centered habits, don’t count Vanessa out of some wrong doing. Their children will be mega stars to and do the same thing. Those people have more money and time to feel free to be rotten, you and I have less opportunity and freedom. You don’t stay on top being nice.The worst things those two did to their kids was smoke like trains around them. Who cares anyway they are beyond human, they can do what they want. At least they are not in jail. The paps should not take pictures of Vanessa, she is really rather boring. Her movies are more interesting than her personal life as she has tried to point out.