Was Zac Efron’s “Accidental” Condom-Dropping A Ploy To Impress An Older Actress?

 Was Zac Efron's "Accidental" Condom-Dropping A Ploy To Impress An Older Actress?

During an interview this week with Matt Lauer, former tween star Zac Efron basically admitted that he dropped a condom out of his pocket at the red carpet premiere of The Lorax, a children’s film, no less.

I never really had a pocket-checking policy when I was going on the red carpet before, but now we’ve fully instated one,” he said of the incident that was caught on video.

You dropped a — a condom on the red carpet,” said Matt Lauer, trying to get him to confirm the report.

But, instead, the 24-year-old gave a non-answer: “That was really hard for you to say!

What’s even more interesting is that some are claiming that the condom-dropping episode was no accident.

According to the National Enquirer via TheSuperficial.com, Zac’s condom was a gold, Magnum-sized one, and he was hoping the knowledge of his super-sized assets might impress a certain actress, namely 44-year-old Nicole Kidman!

Never mind that Nicole is married to Keith Urban, Zac supposedly thinks that she is “the most beautiful woman he’s ever laid eyes on,” said a source to the tabloid, adding, “Zac said if Nicole wasn’t married, he’d put the moves on her hard.”

He knew reports of the incident would get back to her,” added the insider. “He wanted to let her know what kind of man he really is.”

Although this story seems a bit far-fetched, Zac does seem to have a penchant for older women. Remember his comments about having a crush on Michelle Pfeiffer?

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