What Happened To Jennifer Aniston’s Face – Justin Theroux Has A Plan!

To Jennifer Aniston’s Face – Justin Theroux Has A Plan!

Over the summer we started to notice some changes with Jennifer Aniston. Jennifer seems to have gained weight and there is much speculation about it. Did Jennifer gain the weight for her the movie We’re The Millers?  Is the puffiness and bloating due to having fillers injected into her face? Has Jennifer’s BFF Chelsea Handler been pouring vodka shots down her throat and getting her to loosen up on vacation like she does?

Well, the answer is none of the above! Jennifer’s new weight gain is the result of her fiancé Justin Theroux not wanting her diet. Justin feels Jennifer does not need to be obsessive with her weight and her looks for him. Maybe there is a part of Jennifer that is relived to not have to be perfect anymore.

Her favorite food is Mexican, which is not known to be diet food. She was probably balancing her indulgence with the baby food diet prescribed by her friend Tracy Anderson to keep her weight in check. Those vodka shots might not be too bad for her diet if she is drinking Chelsea’s favorite brand of vodka, Belvedere. This vodka has no sugar, which of course makes one’s body grow bigger. I don’t think she will allow herself to stay chubby, though. Jennifer is too vain. It seems after she lost 30 pounds working with a nutritionist at the beginning of her career Jennifer has never been less than picture perfect.

Jennifer’s weight isn’t the only thing Justin wants her to change. He wants her to stop obsessing over her beauty routine. I don’t know if she would go that far to appease Justin.  Jennifer has admitted to plastic surgery and facial peels, and her hair has been the obsession of women world wide since Chris McMillan gave her the famous Rachel haircut. Jennifer has become famous for shedding her clothes in photo shoots and movies such as Horrible Bosses. Her sex appeal sells Smart Water and will now be selling Living Proof hair care products (she also endorsed L’Oreal hairspray in the 1990). Now Jennifer is using a body double for a lingerie scene in We’re The Millers and allowing herself to be dressed in dowdy clothes, but we’ll see if this new fashion sense carries over to her everyday life. I doubt it. It would cost her endorsements and her male audience.


7 responses to “What Happened To Jennifer Aniston’s Face – Justin Theroux Has A Plan!”

  1. tahoegeminii says:

    wow-Justin is out for sabotage isn’t he-she will be looking pretty hideous by the time he is done and no one will blame him for going back to Heidi-what a plan-it is a superficial town

  2. Ryegirl says:

    She has a male audience?

    • ceeli says:

      yeah, you stupid [expletive]… MEN’S Health named her Sexiest Woman of all TIme. So how many awards have you won? Oh, wait… that’s be NONE.

      • Miller says:

        Oh dear, you actually believe that heterosexual men with sight and a working d_ck would actually think Manface is the sexiest woman of all time??? Really??? Her PR bought that. Wow, I have some beach front property in Arizona to sell you.

  3. MissNoitall says:

    Well, she is in her 40’s! She looks great but when your age catches up with you, it happens fast. No plastic surgery can stop it…all that does is make you look cat-like!

  4. John Mayer Curse Victim says:

    Some people are not meant for relationships

  5. Kit_W says:

    This reads like it was written by a chinese person. Was this written by a chinese person? Yeah it was definitely written by a chinese person..