Who Got Voted Off The X Factor Tonight 11/22/12?

Who Got Voted Off The X Factor Tonight 11/22/12?

Tonight on FOX is an all new episode of THE X FACTOR USA Results Show. On tonight’s result show America will vote to eliminate two artists and the remaining eight will move on to the next phase of the competition.  Did you watch last night’s show?  We did and we recapped it here for you!  Did you miss any of the performances, if you did you can see all the video’s here.

Last night, the top 10 artists performed songs of thanks in celebration of Thanksgiving live in front judges Simon Cowell, Demi Lovato, LA Reid and Britney Spears. That also meant lots of ballads, emotional performances, and special dedications to those they are were most thankful for.

We had two favorites last night Beatrice Miller – Mentored by Britney SpearsChasing Cars by Snowpatrol – This is what we’re talking about! This is the performance we were waiting for from Beatrice! Her vocals were emotional, sincere, haunting, and somber. The hoarseness to her voice, the over-the-top notes, and the blast of air near the end, made this one of the best performances this little one has ever delivered in this competition. The holy trinity– Beatrice, Diamond, and Carly – will blow the other contestants out the water. Thank you, thank you, thank you Britney! OUR SCORE – 10 out of 10.

Carly Rose Sonenclar – Mentored by Britney SpearsSomewhere Over The Rainbow – We’re not going to call Carly an alien, because that’s cheesy. We are, however, going to call Carly one of the best performers in the history of reality television talent shows. No words are able to describe this performance. It’s beyond comprehension. OUR SCORE – 10 out of 10

In a special Thanksgiving night results show episode it will feature a performance by Brit teen sensation Cher Lloyd. Then, Khloé and Mario will announce the acts that made the cut in an all-new “Live Results” episode. Our vote is on Paige Thomas and/or CeCe Frey.  We conducted a poll today and there is still time to vote, GO HERE!

Stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry for a full live recap of tonight’s Top 10 Results Show episode. We will keep you up to date on all X-Factor news, reviews and spoilers and make sure to check back here regularly for more information on your favorite television shows! So don’t forget to come back to this spot at 8:00 PM for our live recap of The X Factor’s live Results  Show to see who in the Top 10 will be going home.


The game between the Cowboys and the Redskins is still going – not sure who made the brilliant decision to have a result show on Thanksgiving Day.

They are now in the post game, the game is over – hopefully they will be gig on to The X Factor soon.

The show is ON!!  Yikes! Khloe has to fire her stylist – horrible dress again.  Girl has no taste.

The show opens up with us looking back at last night’s performances.  Two acts will be leaving tonight!

In a Thanksgiving special performance the Top 10 perform with the Choir from the Bancroft Middle School.  Bancroft Middle School is an inner middle school whose music program was in trouble.  Best Buy and the remaining contestants presented them with musical instruments.


We are treated to a performance by Brit Cheryl Lloyd.

In no particular order safe and through to the top 8.

Diamond White

Vino Alan

Carly Rose Sonenclar

Fifth Harmony

Tate Stevens

Paige Thomas


In the bottom two CeCe Frey and Beatrice Miller – they will sing to stay.

Demi wants Beatrice to go home.

Britney wants CeCe to go home.

LA wants Beatrice to go home.

Simon wants Beatrice


The ranking for tonight:

8. CeCe Frey

7. Fifth Harmoney

6. Paige Thomas

5. Diamond White

4. Emblem3

3. Vino Alan

2. Tate Stevens

1. Carly Rose Sonenclar