The X Factor Season 2 “Top Ten Perform” Recap 11/21/12

The X Factor Season 2 "Top Ten Perform" Recap 11/21/12

Tonight on Fox THE X FACTOR USA returns with a whole new episode. On tonight’s show the Top 10 perform songs of thanks in celebration of Thanksgiving.  It’s Thanksgiving Week and that means it’s time to sing about thanks, gratitude, and inspiration on THE X FACTOR. That also means lots of ballads, emotional performances, and special dedications to those they are most thankful for.

On last week’s double elimination show Jennel Garcia, one of Demi Lovato’s Young Adults and Lyric 145, one of Simon Cowell’s Groups, were eliminated.  Did you watch last week’s episode? We did and we recapped it here or you.

On tonight’s show  the top ten finalists –  Teens – Beatrice Miller, Arin Ray, Carly Rose Sonenclar and Diamond White; Young Adults – CeCe Frey and Paige Thomas; Over 25s – Vino Alan and Tate Stevens; and Groups – Emblem3 and Fifth Harmony – will perform LIVE for America’s votes.

Immediately after the performance show, fans will be able to vote via 1) Verizon Touch Voting on The Xtra Factor App on Verizon Android devices; 2) toll-free calling; 3) text messaging for Verizon Wireless customers; and 4) online at Fans with valid Facebook accounts can also vote at

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Live Recap:

Tonight’s show will be dedicated to those people that the contestants are most grateful for. Tate Stevens is up first and he is beyond thankful for his father. Already There was a typical Tate knock it out of the park performance. Britney Spears thinks it was awesome. Both Demi Lovato and Simon Cowell thought it wasn’t as confident as usual but still great. LA Reid loves his confidence and the fact that America loves him.

Diamond White is up next and devoting her performance to her mother. She says that her mom gave up her life in order to make hers awesome. Her mom is a single mother and Diamond realizes that she is her everything so she’s going to perform Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion.  I cannot believe that this kid is only 13.  She got a full standing ovation after ripping the roof off. LA says she has never had a moment like THAT before, she’s the truth. Demiis in tears and blown away. Simon thinks she’s fearless and incredible.

Emblem3 are thankful for teacher’s and individual spiritual leaders that have impacted them. They totally rock a One Republic song and as usual the audience is going nuts for them. LA tells them that the talent is there but they lacked emotion. Britney and Demi both think the song was a great change of pace and that they did it justice.

Arin Ray is giving thanks to his brother and commemorating him with the Enrique Inglesias song Hero. This is probably Arin’s best performance so far.  LA thought this song was way too big for Arin. Demi was completely bored by Arin and told him that if she owned a record studio she wouldn’t sign him. Simon thinks Arin is being mentored the wrong way and that Britney isn’t allowing him to be himself.

CeCe Frey is thankful for her sister Kelsey, who died of cerebral palsy when CeCe was just a baby.  She says she still feels her sister with her and sings Wind Beneath My Wings in her honor. Here’s my issue, she really hits the huge notes but all of the in between stuff is just okay. LA says the emotion was there to push her performance. Britney thought she was amazing.  Simon calls her a try er and he hopes that she sticks around.  Maybe I’m a b*tch but I suspect she’ll get the sympathy vote.

Fifth Harmony is thanking God because with his help they have a world of good things coming to them. They’re singing I’ll stand By You and sound as fabulous as ever.  Their harmonies just keep getting better. LA thinks they were great and Britney thinks it was a beautiful rendition. Demi loves them together and while she doesn’t love the song, they still made it beautiful.

Beatrice Miller is dedicating this performance to her younger twin sisters. She’s going to be singing Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol.  Beatrice reminds me of a young Edie Brickell and I always want to hear more. Tonight is the same, I just want her to keep singing. LA thinks she’s an inspiration and Demi  wants her to do a different style. Simon really likes her and thinks the performance was authentic.

Vino Alan is giving thanks to the U.S. Military.  He has been performing on military bases for years and is devoted to those who protect us. He sings Proud to be An American and his voice carries him all through this song LA gives him mad love and Britney thinks it was his first perfect performance. Demi thinks American will love it and Simon loves his sincerity.

Paige Thomas is thankful for Colleen, the woman who took her in after her mom died.  She has done everything for Paige and her daughter. She belts out Britney Spears’ Everytime and it’s a bit rough because she’s crying. Britney thinks she performed it beautifully but LA and Simon aren’t convinced. They think the emotion took over and she might be sent home tomorrow.

Carly Rose Sonenclar is singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow for her brother Russ.  He’s 5 years older and she looks up to him for everything. This song is not my favorite ever, but this rendition is amazing enough for even me to appreciate. LA calls her a force of nature. Demi still can’t believe she’s 13 and tells her she’ll be in the music industry forever. Simon says it was one of the best versions of that song he has ever heard.

My top three picks for the night- Carly, Diamond and Tate. Tune in toomorrow night to see who’ll be leaving!

Editor’s note: Nobody was even close to Vino Alan!