Who Will Go Home on DWTS All-Stars Week 9? (POLL & REVIEW)

Who Will Go Home on DWTS All-Stars Week 9? (POLL & REVIEW)

Only five couples remain in Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars. Last night, the drama cookies were baked, and several of the couples scored below, or alongside, their average scores. It’s been a long nine weeks of dancing, voting, and drama, but only one couple will walk away with the ultimate Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars title. Who will make it to the finale? Will it be Melissa and Tony? Will it be Shawn and Derek? Will it be Apolo and Karina? Will it be Emmitt and Cheryl? Or will it be Kelly and Val? Who will be sliced and diced like a cheap onion tonight? Which two couples will take the final fall? Celeb Dirty Laundry is the place to be for all of your Dancing with the Stars news, reviews, recaps, and spoilers. Read our trusty CDL DWTS guide below and vote in the poll for the two couples you think will be leaving the competition tonight.

Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani danced the Caveman Hustle and the Argentine Tango to Dirty Diana – Melissa and Tony’s first dance received excellent comments from the judges and an even more impressive scoring. For the first dance, Len said “Melissa had the hustle”, Bruno noticed their “loss of footing”, and Carrie Ann “loved it.” Len and Carrie Ann awarded them 9 points, while Bruno awarded them 9.5 points. Their total for their first dance was 27.5 – an average total score. They scored 30 points last week and 29 points the week before. The couple’s second dance sealed the deal with a perfect 30 point score. All three judges called it “extraordinary and out of this world”. GRAND TOTAL SCORE – 57.5 – THE SECOND HIGHEST SCORE OF THE NIGHT

Shawn Johnson and Derek Hough danced the Knightrider Bhangra and the Argentine Tango to Bad – Shawn and Derek received their third perfect score of the competition with their first dance. Len said, “Shut up, this dynamite was fantastic”, Bruno referred to Gangnam Style and called it “Bhangra style”, and Carrie Ann said “it was great!” Their total for the first dance was 30.0 – one of only three couples who scored a perfect score last night. The second dance was not completely the same as the first one, as Carrie Ann’s pointless critique awarded the couple 9 points, while Len and Bruno awarded them 10 points. Carrie Ann believed they “lacked the passion and the intimacy of the dance”, while both Len and Bruno thought it was brilliant. GRAND TOTAL SCORE – 59.0 – THE HIGHEST SCORE OF THE NIGHT

Apolo Ohno and Karina Smirnoff danced the Big Top Jazz and the Rumba to Man in the Mirror – Apolo and Karina’s first dance was awkward and they lost their footing in the beginning. The three judges gave differing critique, with Carrie Ann calling it “really sloppy”. Len awarded 9 points, Bruno awarded 9.5 points, and Carrie Ann awarded 8.5 points. The total for their first dance was 27 – the second lowest score for the first dance, and a below average score for the season. Their second dance, however, picked up the pace and saw them being awarded a total score. Len thought it was “fabulous”, Bruno thought they “nailed it”, and Carrie Ann said, “That’s what I am talking about, you don’t have to ever dance in this competition!” GRAND TOTAL SCORE – 57 – THE SECOND LOWEST SCORE OF THE NIGHT

Emmitt Smith and Cheryl Burke danced the Espionage Lindy Hop and the Tango to Leave Me Alone – Emmitt and Cheryl’s first dance was a fun and animated performance. Len liked the concept, Bruno said it was “the most fun performance”, and Carrie Ann said it was their “most animated performance ever!” All three judges awarded the couple 9 points. The total score for their first dance was 27 – a below average score for the competition. Their second dance received the same scores and the same critique. Bruno critiqued their footwork, but Len thought they “coped marvelously well.”GRAND TOTAL SCORE – 54 – TIED WITH THE LOWEST SCORE OF THE NIGHT

Kelly Monaco and Valentin Chmerkovskiy danced the Surfer Flamenco and the Rumba to I Can’t Stop Loving You – Kelly and Val received the lowest score of the night for their first dance. Len said the “energy was fantastic”, Bruno said the “placement was not there”, and Carrie Ann said, “It was all Paso, it was lacking the Flamenco, it was almost non-existent.” Carrie Ann awarded the couple 8 points, Len awarded 9 points, and Bruno award 8.5 points. The total score of their first dance was 25.5 – the lowest score of the night and one of their lowest scores of the season. The second dance, however, picked up in pace and pushed the couple past the 28 point average. All three judges loved it and all three judges awarded the couple 9.5 points. GRAND TOTAL SCORE – 54 – TIED WITH THE LOWEST SCORE OF THE NIGHT

Logic dictates that the two couples with the tied lowest scores – Emmitt/Cheryl and Kelly/Val – will be leaving the competition, but unfortunately the cookie doesn’t necessarily crumble that way. We’ve seen high scoring couples take the fall alongside low scoring couples, so in the end, the competition comes down to your vote at home. Who should leave? Who should be in the finale? Vote in our trusty poll and let us know in the comments below which two couples you think should be going home tonight.