Who Won Dancing With The Stars 2012 Tonight 5/22/12?

Who Won Dancing With The Stars 2012 Tonight 5/22/12?

Here we are again, another season of Dancing With The Stars is done and what do we think of it? Well I have to say for me it was a bit lack lustre, I really do not have a favorite.  Nevertheless we are in finale of Dancing With The Stars 2012.  Tonight we will get to see which of the three remaining contestants, William Levy, Donald Driver or Katherine Jenkins will win the Mirror Ball Trophy.

So if you missed last night’s show catch our recap HERE.  So if you missed any of the performances last night you can see all the videos HERE! So how will it all go down tonight?  Well, each of the three remaining couples will perform one more routine and the scores they receive will be added to their judges’ scores from Monday night’s dances.

For the 24 hour dance challenge tonight: William and Cheryl will be doing the Salsa; Katherine and Mark will be doing the Jive and Donald and Peta will be doing the Cha Cha Cha.

Dancing with the Stars’ 2012 mirror ball trophy winner will then be revealed based on the combination of the judges’ score shares for the dancers’ Monday night performances, and the share of home viewer votes cast immediately after Monday night’s broadcast.

During the show all of the couples that were previously sent home will return to perform some great routines and one former contestant, Gladys Knight, will entertain us with a special musical performance. Kelly Clarkson will sing a medley of her songs, Dark Side” and “Stronger.”

Who will you be rooting for?  Who do you want to see win the Mirror Ball Trophy? Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts!

We will be live blogging Dancing With The Stars tonight with all the up-to-the-minute details at 9PM EST so make sure to come back to this spot and watch the show with us.  Refresh often to get the most up-to-date results!

Tonight’s Live Recap Begins – who will win?

The start of with a review – hot stuff!  We get to see a nice number from the entire cast.

Now Donald Driver is asked to an encore of his freestyle of last night – and here goes the train!  Donald is an amazing athlete.  Len actually gets excited about Donald.  Donald and Peta were great.  They look to be in good shape to do well – maybe win.

They are praising William Levy now – the judges – but Len says that it takes William a long time to recover when he goes wrong.

Judges say that Katherine Jenkins has more technical skill than any past competitor.  Maybe she is too restrained – doesn’t get into it with enough feeling?  That is what I hear the judges allude to.

Donald is driven to succeed – sometimes he tries to hard and perhaps loses a little grace says Len.

And only 1 last performance from each of the hopefuls.  Their last chance.  And Kelly Clarkson – American Idol Winner – will perform.

To see tonight’s Am Idol recap Click Here.

The DWTS business end of things has taken over now – they want to sell lots and lots of commercial time – so as filler they have Sherri Shepard of The View – and they showing how she prepared for the season.

If anything exciting happens I’ll let ya know…  time to get a snack – bathroom break – walk the cat… whatever.

Okay – here we go – the finalists received their music for their final dance only 24 hours ago.  Not long at all.

Brooke says to Levy, so it’s bitter-sweet coming to the end – the genius says no – it’s sweet and sour…  Good thing this not Jeopardy.

Jack Wagner and Anna performer and he was really good – wish he had been that good this season, I really liked him!

Gladys Knight is back to dance with Tristan to her song ‘You Got The Best of my Love.’

Jaleel White is going to do the Paso Doble to Shaft and the dance was really good.  I guess when the pressure is off they are more comfortable.

Melissa Gilbert is back dancing with Maks and Val.  Roshon got to perform a freestyle.

Kelly Clarkson is performing her single Dark Side.

Now Gladys Knight sings ‘The Way We Were‘  – she still has a nice voice.

Now one finalist will be eliminated…

The Eliminated Couple – Getting 3rd place – William Levy  Is out.

So Cheryl Burke and William Levy earn 3rd spot.

So we have Donald or Katherine – one of them will certainly win.

Now they will reveal the champs!

And the winners of this season are Donald Driver and Peta Murgatroyd

So Donald Driver takes it all!

Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas get second place – not too shabby!

Thanks for joining us here at AWESOME CDL for all our coverage of DWTS and many other great TV shows!  We appreciate our viewers who have helped us grow, grow, grow!

We will be waiting for you this Fall – 2012 – for the All Star version of Dancing With The Stars and all other important TV show recaps.

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