Why Kristen Stewart’s Fans Forgive Her For Cheating Scandal

Why Kristen Stewart’s Fans Forgive Her For Cheating Scandal

The Internet has been one big Kristen Stewart hate fest since news of her affair with her married Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders broke. We’ve seen her around town, dressed in Robert Pattinson’s old clothes. We saw her snarling and pointing at Nick Cassavetes. Now, we are seeing her in a floral gown with a weird, sort of 80s ponytail at the Toronto International Film Festival, where she is promoting her new film On The Road.

Although I’m not in love with her wardrobe/hair style, I am glad that she is fulfilling her contract and promoting the film—it shows maturity and compartmentalization. Who knew that, instead of being a target for flour bombings and rotten tomatoes, Kristen would be greeted with huge posters with slogans, “We Are Always With You Kristen Stewart,” and “Talent, Beauty, Strength & Courage.” Now, ignoring the awful use of commas in that last poster, let’s talk about what these posters mean.

I think there are two interpretations. The first: someone at Team Kristen handed those signs out to the crowd to amp up K Stew’s ego and make her feel welcome. The second? That some really sad fans spent a lot of money on full color posters, just to tell an actress (who probably doesn’t care about the ‘little people’ who support her movies) that they aren’t upset that she had an affair, breaking up two relationships in which those fans had no part. I am all for a positive hash tag, a blog post, a Facebook status—whatever, really—to pick a side in a Hollywood scandal. But the minute you start swiping your Visa, it’s probably time to reconsider your role as a fan.

Well, what does it mean? Is Kristen forgiven? Can her “career” move forward from here? Will she always be known as “that girl who cheated on R Patz and gave ten million tweens hope”?


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  1. […] think) was their relationship really a showmance? Whatever the reason. What’s done is done. She made a strong stand last night and even looked people in the eye while answering their questions. Good for her! Lainey Gossip said […]

  2. desertmirageus says:

    and your point is?????? Geez!!! you’ve got to move on now…this over commercialized story is so old news now! if anything, you should thank Kristen Stewart that you still have a job since all of you at Celebrity Dirty Laundry do is create your imaginations and hallucinations as reality stories! What a Shame! But then again, you just want to make a fast buck, just like everyone else. Give it a break now, please. I it annoying/irritating/disturbing already. Noboby cares anymore!!!!

  3. You sound like the gossip crap you are spewing to stir the hate again! If you can’t leave her alone, then please stop referring to “Cheating” and “SWATH director Rupert Sanders” or any other comments that rehash the situation. You no longer need to link to the photos either. We’ve all seen them. We all know what happened and you are smart enough to give a report without all the hoopla. Come on, reporters, are you ever going to let her live it down? Have some compassion for her and us! She deserves a life and career. Stop trying to destroy her more than she already is! Please! Let it die already! For once, I would like to see the media give a story about her and all involved without the scandal. I know you can do better than this to get attention. You are intelligent reporters. Turn this around to something
    positive, for all of us! I also know most people would agree.

    So what if it was a PR set up? I think it was great planning! If it was, the fans got a boost for their effort! Where’s the down side of this? There isn’t one, sorry to disappoint you. That’s people doing their jobs well if it was. It set a happy tone for all. Good! She and the fans deserved it.