Will Mariah Carey Replace Nicole Scherzinger On The X Factor USA?

Will Mariah Carey Replace Nicole Scherzinger On The X Factor USA?

Rumors have been circulating for weeks now that Nicole Scherzinger was going to be replaced as a judge on The X Factor USA.  Originally it was said that Simon Cowell was considering switching Nicole for Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Rowland.   The next rumor was that Nicole was going to leave because she was not comfortable with judging or seeing contestants being eliminated.

Rumor now has it that Mariah Carey heard that Nicole may leave as a judge she jumped in and told Simon she would be willing to take her place.  Insiders reveal that secret talks have already begun.

A close source divulged, “Mariah dragged her feet for a while about appearing on the show,  but now she’s ready for her grand entrance.  She wants to be a judge and she is in secret talks with Simon Cowell.  The two are good friends and she promised to help pull in monster ratings this coming season.”

Season one of The X Factor USA saw Simon’s new show,  not do as well as hoped in the ratings.  Mariah Carey certainly has the star power to pull the ratings up.  What do you think would Mariah be a better fit for the X Factor USA than Nicole?  Sound out in the comments below!

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4 responses to “Will Mariah Carey Replace Nicole Scherzinger On The X Factor USA?”

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  2. Anonymous says:

    yes after all her drama queen antics over being on the X-factor- the fact is JLo is a judge on Idol and MeMe is completely obsessed with jealousy over JLo-it was the reason she went crazy when glitter flopped and JLo was getting Oscar nominations-the reason she rushed to marry her groveling bang chauffeur and the reason she had the Dr. Frankensteins force a boy and girl set of twins out of her nasty womb with every unnatural technique within their power-which is why she turned into Queen Latifa-and JLo is now hot as the sun and tearing it all up AGAIN while MeMe tries to eat up little boys and still markets herself as a 15 porn hussy-so no matter how “hard to get” MeMe wants to act over the X-factor we all know that she is desperate for the money and hideously jealous so she is going to do it-when the only song you can sell is a 20 year old Christmas song at Christmas and have to re-release it with the completely unamazing Beaver Boy just to try and sink a claw into his current tween driven fad frenzy-then your royalties from Tommy are running thin-when you have to do Jenny Craig for money-and it has to completely faked with photoshop and editing after having fat removal surgery-your money is running thin-so Simon this worthless cow can be had for next to nothing -I wouldn’t let her on now unless she begged

  3. Mimi IS talent, she’s had record breaking success for decades and being a Diva will judge sweetly but cutthroat cos she will only want the best. Please remove Nicole asap.

  4. JLoGoSUCKADICK says:

    JLo, who the heck is that? Sorry never heard of her, she’s obviously someone can’t sing. Mariah is the songbird QUEEN, this JLo is nothing but a pile of dung compared to the QUEEN. Back to topic, Mariah would be the perfect judge! Not only is she talented, beautiful and experienced, unlike flopLo, she has a great and zesty personality to boot! Hail the QUEEN!