Alexander Skarsgard as Tarzan: Has He Overplayed His Hand?

Alexander Skarsgard as Tarzan: Has He Overplayed His Hand?

Alexander Skarsgard was initially tapped by Warner Brothers to play the lead in their upcoming ‘Tarzan’ adaptation, which was set to be directed by Harry Potter director David Yates and green-lit by the end of 2012.  However, the end of the year came and passed, and now we’re a good ways into 2013 with still no announcement.  What does this mean?  Either the Variety report was not exactly accurate; or the news wasn’t from the studio, instead being a strategically placed leak from Skarsgard’s team.

As LaineyGossip reports, this has started to happen more and more lately; actors think that they can scare off competition by preemptively announcing their involvement in a project that’s not yet confirmed.  There’s no doubt that Skarsgard’s name was on the list of actors being considered, including Henry Cavill [Man of Steel], Charlie Hunnam [Pacific Rim], and Tom Hardy [The Dark Knight Rises], who are all on the verge of breaking out.

The Variety report also stated that WB was keen on setting the cast by the end of last year so that they could finalize David Yates’ contract for the film.  It seems as if either WB lost interest, Skarsgard was never close to signing on in the first place, or Yates had a schedule clash/other commitments.

It’s starting to look like it might be a combination of all three, so what does this mean for Skarsgard’s involvement?  Well, the Variety report did mention that ‘the studio is keen to be in business with Skarsgard’, which does seem like something his team would put out there, but could also be true.  His fan base from ‘True Blood’ is pretty strong, but we’ve seen with ‘Straw Dogs’ that it’s not enough to carry over into films if the subject matter isn’t appealing enough.  Tarzan is a big brand name, and even if the movie ends up being completely shitty [unlikely if Yates is involved], people will go to see it – including Skarsgard fans.  The question is – are his fans enough for him to get cast in a studio franchise film against three other actors with their own franchises and better buzz?  Or will he remain a solid but not ‘big’ name actor with good credits, strong connections, and resume littered with supporting parts?

  • skyblue4439

    WB needs to get on the ball and make this happen. I want…no NEED…Skarsgård on the big screen. He was brilliant in Straw Dogs. I would look to other reasons (Bosworth, Lurie’s script, direction) for why that film was not a success.

    • True, any good reviews for Straw Dogs were due to Mr. Skarsgard’s acting, This article reeks of bias, no doubt a fan of one of the other actors wanting the role, must have been a slow news day, time to pick and speculate. As for the three others with their own franchise’s, only one of the franchise’s have been a proven winner, the batman one. The Man of Steel and the other one are unproven, except for their screaming obnoxious fans, particularly Cavill’s, nothing can really be said about their success. Like I said, this column reeks of bias.

  • devamma

    To Ma Barker: Note that the writer didn’t mention anything about thinking better of any of the other actors, she said they had better ‘buzz’ – and that’s definitely true. There’s huge buzz surrounding tom hardy, henry cavill, and even charlie hunnam. right now, all skargard has is true blood, no other major films. man of steel is expected to win the box office this summer, tom hardy has already become HUGE [warner brothers considers him one of their best stars and have him as the top of a very short list for other franchise and blockbuster films] and pacific rim [with hunnam] is VERY highly anticipated and is generating huge buzz. please tell me, what does skarsgard have that competes with that?