All My Children and One Life to Live Sneak Peak, Preview and Spoiler (VIDEO)

All My Children and One Life to Live Sneak Peak, Preview and Spoiler (VIDEO)

Soap fans are a rare breed. They are beyond loyal and even when a network such as ABC decided to pull the plug on two of the longest running shows in history, All My Children and One Life to Live, the fans rallied. They began an internet campaign way back in 2011 when it was first announced that both shows would come to an end and even after the sets went dark, the campaign continued.

Ultimately a production company called Prospect Park was listening and decided to find a way to give the fans what they wanted. After a year of negotiating both AMC and OLTL will return for 30 minute episodes 5 days a week, beginning on April 29th.  Both shows have been given new life online and will be seen on both Online Network and Hulu.  This internet revamping is actually going to allow both shows to keep up with the times and trends without having to adhere to the rules of television. As viewers, that means will get more graphic sex scenes and the dialog can be a whole lot sharper. In other words, it’ll feel more realistic to you and I because some of those boundaries will be pushed back a bit.

The cast and crew have posted a Sneak Peak video of the first day back on set. If you’ve ever watched a moment of either of these shows then you’ll see some familiar faces and the thing that is most apparent is how absolutely thrilled these actors are to be back doing what they love most. They give credit completely to the fans for having their characters brought back to life and truly believe that it’s nothing short of a miracle.

Check out the video below to connect with some of your Pine Valley of Llanview favorites!  Will you be watching on April 29th as these iconic bits of history are relaunched? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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