One Life to Live Soap Opera Fans and Stars Celebrate With GLOBE Magazine

One Life to Live Soap Opera Fans and Stars Celebrate With GLOBE Magazine

It may have been 30 degrees in Stamford, Connecticut on the first day that cast members for the newly revived One Life to Live reported back to work, but that sure didn’t dampen the party atmosphere. Soap Fans United teamed up with GLOBE Magazine to organize a huge show of support for the cast and crew.  Ironically the cast which includes OLTL diehards like Erika Slezak, Jerry VerDorn and Kassie DePaiva decided to do something extra nice for their loyal fans. They realized that this group of people was a big representation of the fan base that helped bring back their paychecks right along with the beloved characters and as a token of appreciation they brought them out coffee, doughnuts and hot chocolate.

After the actors came out to pass out the goodies the writers also came outside to meet the mans and pose for pictures. The April 8th print edition of GLOBE has in-depth coverage of one of the happiest days ever for OLTL fans.

The show itself was nixed by ABC in late 2011 leaving fans crushed. It was the strong fan base’s continued interest, petitions and begging the power-that-be to find a way to bring the show back that ultimately helped convince Prospect Park to get behind the project. As it stands now OLTL will make its’ debut on The Online Network on April 29th.  Each week 5 thirty minute shows will be available there and also on Hulu. Since OLTL will be broadcast via the internet it is opening up a brand new world for writers and producers. A lot of things that would be censored on television are allowed in this genre so expect some very detailed sex scenes and some explicit conversations. Cast members are said to be happy about this because it’s a way to modernize an aging dinosaur and to help this modernized soap stay current.

Will you be tuning in on April 29th? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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2 responses to “One Life to Live Soap Opera Fans and Stars Celebrate With GLOBE Magazine”

  1. Sarah Quartuccio says:

    David Canary is on All My Children (Adam) not a member of OLTL. Please get your facts straight before going to publication. Thanks. But good article. can’t wait to watch the show.

  2. […] as ABC decided to pull the plug on two of the longest running shows in history, All My Children and One Life to Live, the fans rallied. They began an internet campaign way back in 2011 when it was first announced […]