Amanda Zuckerman Destroys Elissa Slater’s Marriage In A Desperate Attempt To Gain Control Of The Big Brother 15 House

Amanda Zuckerman Destroys Elissa Slater's Marriage In A Desperate Attempt To Gain Back Control Of The House

Amanda Zuckerman has said everything imaginable and unimaginable this Big Brother 15 season. She even went on a full day’s bullying rampage against Elissa and when that didn’t work, Amanda started to work on destroying Elissa’s marriage.

Clearly Amanda feels her control slipping out of her hands and when Aaryn jokingly tells her and the other house guests that Elissa has a crush on Judd, just because Elissa said she really missed hanging out with him in the house, Amanda immediately runs to Elissa and confronts her on having a crush on Judd and her secret plan to go on the show to leave her husband. Amanda is really scraping the bottom of the barrel, she is now trying to not only make the house guests feel terrified being in the house with her, but she is trying to destroy their personal lives back home. Has Amanda got even an ounce of decency? Apparently not.

There are now 8000 signatures on a petition to get Amanda thrown out of the house and we can only hope that it happens soon. This week Amanda was wondering how the public perceived her,can she really be that far away from reality to even wonder? I mean, she admitted to losing a baby a few days before coming on the show, to drinking and driving, slewed the most hateful racial slurs, made tons of threats to  other house guests; is there something I am missing here? Elissa is being blamed for being a snob and looking down on Amanda, tell me the truth, would you want to associate yourself with Amanda?

You might be wondering how Elissa reacted to all the bullying, well she did pretty well, “Amanda is talking about my husband. Oh Ok, Amanda. At least I can get a husband! You’re 28 and nobody would ever marry you. I can’t believe I am in a house with somebody that is literally psychotic“. Well Elissa, neither can we!