Amanda Zuckerman Pre-Selected To Win Big Brother 15: Former CBS Employee Speaks Out – CDL Exclusive

Amanda Zuckerman Pre-Selected To Win Big Brother 15: Former CBS Employee Speaks Out - CDL Exclusive

This season 15 of Big Brother really has been more about rooting for the least worst more than it’s been about rooting for the best. Almost all of the housemates have had reprehensible manners and behavior on full display, and it’s almost hard to believe that any of these people would be rewarded for that. Alas, everyone’s favorite [insert sarcasm] house guest, Amanda Zuckerman, has already been pre-selected to win, if our sources are correct.

Because really, how else is this woman not getting evicted?! She’s consistently racist, although she managed to hide that streak of herself for the first couple of weeks. She’s made racist remarks against just about everyone, including Asians, African Americans, Puerto Ricans, and homosexuals. She’s made derogatory and threatening remarks against other housemates, including the incident where she graphically threatened and explained how she was going to kill Candace.

So why is she not getting kicked out? Oh, yes. It’s because she’s best friends with Allison Grodner, the execute producer of Big Brother. And even though Elissa Slater has also pre-selected for Big Brother, sources claim that she’s been selected as a distraction, not to win the $500,000 cash prize.

I mean, it’s a reality show, right? When have reality shows ever been accurate in their portrayal of reality? It’s hypocrisy, obviously, but they also want to increase controversy because with increased controversy comes increased ratings. Especially for a show like Big Brother, which pretty much has its place in pop culture because the public loves to hate on the contestants. I don’t think the show would do half as well as it does now if everyone was likable and friendly, and keeping Amanda on the show [in addition to the fact that she’s the EP’s bestie] also makes sure that the controversy doesn’t go away – which then ensures high ratings.

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Amanda Zuckerman Pre-Selected To Win Big Brother 15: Former CBS Employee Speaks Out - CDL Exclusive

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  3. Miss Siggie says:

    If Amanda Zuckerman wins I will never watch Big Brother again!!! Her behavior should not be tolerated & CBS for allowing it is unconscionable!!! Therefore they just lost another viewer!!!!!!

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