Big Brother 15 Episode 27 Spoilers: Amanda Zuckerman Wins PoV and Saves McCrae Olson!!

Big Brother 15 Episode 27 Spoilers: Amanda Zuckerman Wins PoV and Saves McCrae Olson!!

Last Sunday Big Brother 15 didn’t reveal the results of the winner of HoH or the juror that came back into the house. Tonight, that will all be aired but I doubt CBS will air when the game was rigged and Helen was pushed off of the competition to re-enter the Big Brother house. Well we have the winners for you right here, Elissa wins the HoH and Judd wins to return to the game. Elissa had plans to backdoor Amanda, so she put up for eviction McCrae and Aaryn. Elissa knows how strong Aaryn is and will most likely win the PoV or one of her allies will and take her off the block, presenting an opportunity to put up Amanda with her having no chance of getting off.

Amanda’s threatening and disgusting slurs may have calmed down somewhat, but once Elissa won the HoH, she was at it again, “she can eat my a$$ hole with a silver spoon. I will murder her and eat her in her sleep!” Amanda is repulsive, I feel so sorry for anyone in the house with her and her entire family.

Since then, the PoV competition was held, Zingbot returned and Amanda won PoV but not before Zingbot referred to her as a tramp stamp; even though this is the first thing Amanda won this season, she proclaims that she is going to win everything from now on. I disagree, while she is a bully, she is a complete moron and if there is a mental competition, she hasn’t got a hope in hell.

After the competition there is a huge fight between Amanda and Elissa who claims that the competition was rigged for Amanda to win and she witnessed it. Amanda is furious and says to Elissa, “F*** off Elissa.. no one gives a f** what you saw OK”. Amanda is such a hateful person, everytime she opens her mouth I cringe. The best part of this fight is when McCrae walks out and Elissa says, “real classy woman you got there” and he just nods and walks away.

All you people out there that can’t stand McCranda, I hate to say it but they are going nowhere. Apparently Amanda uses the Veto to save McCrae which is no surprise but here’s the big one, when she does, both she and McCrae are safe, she cannot be nominated. Sounds like a “Couples Twist” in the making, what do you think?

I had wondered why Elissa changed her mind and is now wanting to back door Andy instead of Amanda, it all makes sense now. But, If Andy goes up, that is one part of the 3 a.m. alliance gone and still will make a huge impact in Amanda and McCrae’s game.