American Idol RECAP 01/23/13: Season 12 Episode 3 “Auditions #3”

American Idol Season 12 Episode 3 “Auditions #3” Recap 01/23/13

The first week of auditions are done on AMERICAN IDOL and we are headed into the second week.  Our judges, Mariah Carey, Nikki Minaj, Keith Urban and Randy Jackson head to Charlotte, North Carolina and Baton Rouge, Louisiana this week.  Did you watch last week’s premiere week?  We did and we recapped it here, PART 1PART 2.

On last week’s show Mariah Carey and Nikki Minaj continued to snipe at each other over the two episodes and we are expected to believe that is real.  However, it came across as slightly staged.  Randy Jackson is the usual Randy and Keith Urban although nice is boring.  To keep viewers watching Idol is going to have to deliver a little more than cattiness between Mariah and Nikki.

Tonight the audition madness continues as the judges hit he town better known as “The Queen City” as thousands of hopefuls will audition in Charlotte for the opportunity to be crowned the next American Idol.

Rumor has it that the fighting between Mariah and Nikki is going to step it up tonight.  Reportedly during the fight Nikki threatened to knock Mariah out.   No one would go into much detail about what caused the fight, but it reportedly started over a disagreement about a contestant.  Tune in to use tonight to get all the details.

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The judges and the auditions continue in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Scotty McCreery says hello the crowds waiting for auditions.   The auditions are being held at the Charlotte International Speedway.

Naomi Morris – she loves fashion and she makes everything she wears.  She wants the judges to remember her.  She is from Charlotte.  She is going to sing Aretha Franklin, “Respect.”  She is bad!  She tells the judges she is nervous.  They let her sing again, but it does not get better.  Nikki tells her all is popping.  Keith says NO, Nikki says No and tells her it is a NO from the judges panel.

Joel Neyomer from Carlisle he says his style is unique because he can lie on the ground and sing with high clarity.  He tells Nikki Minaj she is reminiscent of Cotton Candy.  Nikki got him to dance and she told him he was cute.  He is singing, “Feeling Good” by Michael Buble.  He sings lying on the floor.  Nikki tells him it is a first, lying on the floor.  Randy gives him a NEVER, the rest of the panel gives him a NO and thanked him.

Brian Rittenberry from Jasper, GA and he says his wife tells him to go to the basement when he sings.  He is going to sing “Let It Be” by the Beatles.  It is the best audition so far tonight.  Mariah did not expect it, but she enjoyed it.  Randy thought he was great.  Keith thinks he had soul.  Nikki loves his ton and his commitment.  The judges all give him a YES, he is going to Hollywood.

Jimmy Smith from TN is singing “Bless The Broken Road” by Rascal Flatts.  Nikki think he is popping, that is fly.  She feels like his voice is the voice she wanted to hear tonight.  Keith loves his voice.  He loves his ton and personality.  Mariah thinks he has something very unique and special.  All the judges vote YES and he is going to Hollywood.

We see a lot of auditions, looks like they all went through.  They were quick auditions.  Golden tickets given out.  Meanwhile, the judges keep complaining they are hungry.

Season 10 winner Scotty McCreery talks to the crowd.

Mathew Muse is from Florence, SC and he is going to do everything he can to get that Golden Ticket.  People tell him he sounds like Brad Paisley and he is singing a Brad Paisley Song, “When I get Where I am Going.”   Randy likes his stance and asks hi if he can dance and he says yes.  Randy tells him he is nowhere near ready for this.  Niki tells him he could be a model.  The judges tell him he is cool but it is a NO from all the judges.

Randy goes on a bus ride to visit a contestant.  Her Aunt nominated her.  Her name is Isabel Gonzales and Randy gives her  a spot to come and audition.  She is singing a Sam Cook song.  Nikki loves her and thinks she is dope.  Keith thinks she is a natural and she has what it takes.  Mariah thinks she is adorable and a star.  All the judges vote YES and she is going to Hollywood.

Taiha Bethea from Concord, South Carolina singing Folson Prison Blues by Johnny Cash.  They let her sing a second song by Alanis Morisette.  Mariah thinks she is different.  Keith thinks she may be more suited for a band.  Mariah is not sure, she is a bit confused.  Nikki likes her voice and style.  She likes her because she is not doing the typical R & B.  Nikki vote YES,   Mariah says No, Keith says Yes because he wants to hear more.  Randy says NO.  It is a tie and Keith is the tie breaker today so he says YES and she is going to Hollywood.

Summer Cunningham from GA and she is going sing Lean on Me.  Nikki really likes her and thinks her voice is really pretty.  Randy thinks her voice is naturally lent to country.  Mariah recognizes that when she said she did the country thing Keith got mad and she wants to know if country is her passion.  Keith loves her voice and says YES, Randy says YES, Mariah says YES.

Nikki makes a comment about how they were picking her apart about country.   Nikki and Mariah start arguing and Mariah tells Nikki she is trying to help her not tell her about her outfit.  Love Mariah…   Then Nikki goes off on this random rant about how they are trying to change people.  Finally they says she is going to HOLLYWOOD.  Randy tells the girl they were trying to help her.  Nikki got up and said she was walking off because she cannot help people and leaves in a sulk.  Maybe she won’t come back, please don’t come back Nikki!

They show some coverage TMZ and other carries had of the fighting on American Idol between Nikki and Mariah.

Brandy Alexandria Hamilton and she is a Navy Reservist who got in trouble for singing.  She is singing, “All I could Do is Cry” By Etta James.  Randy tells her he loves her, she lit up the room.  Keith would love to hear more.  Nikki thinks she did a good job.  Mariah tells her she lit up the room.  It was A+, she cannot wait to hear more from her.  All the judges say YES, so she is going to Hollywood.  As she leaves she tells the judges not to fight because it makes her sad.

Ashley Smith who is 22 has a problem staying still and loves people to look at her.  She is singing Carrie Underwood’s “Cowboy Casanova.”  She can sing!  Nikki really loves her and she liked that she sang country.  Mariah enjoyed her.  Keith could not look away.  Randy thinks she can sing any type of song.  All the judges vote YES, she is going to Hollywood.

Then we get treated to a bunch of nick names that Nikki gives to all the contestants.  It seems Nikki cannot remember people’s names unless she gives them a nickname.

Janelle Arthur from TN and she has been singing since she has been 8 years old.  She is singing “Where the Black Top Ends” by Keith Urban.  Keith loved it, thinks she has a beautiful voice.  Nikki think she is really special and she already seems like a star.  She thinks she did a good job.  Randy loved her and thought the vocals were amazing.  Mariah thinks she was fantastic and a pretty voice.  All the judges vote YES, she is going to Hollywood.

Now we are treated to some very bad auditions.  One worse than the next.

Rodney Barber he is from South Caroline and they call him the voice of Charlotte.  He has been singing downtown Charlotte for the past two years.  He is singing, “I’ll be your crying shoulder”  by the Goo Goo Dolls. Mariah loved it and Keith thinks he had  a big voice.  Nikki loves him and thinks he is an inspiration.  Randy loves him too.  All the judges vote YES and he is going to Hollywood.

Candice Glover from SC and people say she sings like Joshua Ledet.   Randy and Mariah give her a standing ovation and tells her it is the best audition they have seen all season.  Nikki tells her she is obsessed with her and then she says she wants to, “Skin her and wear her.” Guess that makes in Nikki’s world.  Mariah thinks she is the best they have heard.  She felt her.  All the judges vote YES! and she is going to Hollywood!

Ja’Bria Barber from South Carolina and she likes to hunt and fish.  She sings Bonnie Raitt “Pride and Joy.” Mariah liked her song choice and she really likes her voice.  Randy think she has a little little spunk.  Nikki thinks she has a strong voice.  They all vote YES, and she is going to Hollywood.

Brad Harris and he is from North Carolina and he use to Rap under the name Bacon.  He sings “A Whole New World” from Aladdin.  Randy tells him it was not good and Nikki tells him it was not good.  The judges all vote NO.

Seratha Guinn from Charlotte, South Carolina and she walks in with her daughter, London.  She has been singing all her life and she is singing, “Fresh Prince of Belair.”  The judges like her, Nikki asks her to sing something else.  Nikki tells her she is incredible and she is proud of her.  Randy tells her she is a superstar and loves she is following her dreams.  Mariah liked the first song better because it was her.  All the judges vote YES and she is going to Hollywood.

That is a wrap in Charlotte, SC – in all 37 contestants are going to Hollywood.  Join us tomorrow for night as they march into Cajun country.