Andy Dick Voted Off Dancing With The Stars 2013 Season 16

Andy Dick Eliminated From Dancing With The Stars 2013 Season 16

Tonight on DANCING WITH THE STARS comedian, actor, writer, director, musician and producer Andy Dick and his professional partner Sharna Burgess were sent home tonight on the DWTS Result Show.   It really is too bad and I am sad to see Andy go –  if this competition is about learning to dance and improving, then Andy should have won.  Sadly, it is more a popularity contest.  If you missed tonight’s results show, you can read our full and detailed recap HERE!

On the premiere episode Andy danced a  Foxtrot.  The judges had this to say about his performance.  Len: “The choreography was nice. This had the fluidity of RoboCop.”  Bruno: “It had a skittish charm and could’ve been smoother. It was comedic and he enjoyed it.”  Carrie Ann: “There is something charming about him and he touched her with the dance.”   Andy scored a 17/30

On last night’s Latin night show Andy danced a Rumba and the judges had this to say about his performance.  Len: “Andy I like the fun and the entertainment value, and I like the enthusiasm. There was not enough hip movement.  As always I enjoy you. “  Bruno “You have taken an unforgettable dance and now I wish I could forget it.  At the moment you do steps.  It is not enough to do the feet and hoping for the best.”  Carrie Ann: “You touch us, I know you want to improve, work on making the arms a consistently part of the dance, that may change things.”  Andy scored a 17/30

Sound off your comments below and tells us what you thought about Andy’s DWTS experience.  Do you think Andy should have been sent home?  Check out the video of his performance from last night below!