Angelina Jolie Fights Pregnancy Rumors By Wearing Slim Black Outfit While Promoting Maleficent (PHOTOS)

Angelina Jolie Fights Pregnancy Rumors By Wearing Slim Black Outfit While Promoting Maleficent (PHOTOS)

The tabloids have been going crazy for the past in regards to baby and pregnancy rumors, and all the recent headlines seem to be saying that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were getting ready to welcome a new pair of twins into their family.

Well, it’s not clear whether it was a calculated move or not, but Angelina definitely silenced those rumors when she turned up at the Disney D3 convention to promote Maleficent. She was wearing a pair of slim fitting black pants and a tight black sweater, and there was not an ounce of fat on her, in her stomach region or anywhere else. Again, while the black is definitely in line with what she always wears, the fact that she decided to go slim fitting when she usually favors baggy and shapeless is interesting.

Maybe we’re reading too much into it? It’s just that Angelina and Brad are masters of media manipulation and nothing they do in public isn’t thought through beforehand. If she knows about the pregnancy rumors – and she must, since they’ve been everywhere for the past month – it would make sense that this was her way of making sure they went away. It doesn’t require an official statement or even a throwaway comment, but the clothes do all the talking for her.

In other Angelina news, the Maleficent footage screened at D3 was reportedly very well received, and the film’s release date has been confirmed for July 2nd, 2014. Right now, Angelina remains one of the few actresses who can still open a movie based on her name, so let’s see if that lasts come next Summer.

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Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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  • HollywoodHiccups

    Of course she is not pregnant!

  • Robyn

    LOL if she was pregnant as many times as the rumors said she would have 20 kids now!

  • Annemarie

    Ya she so is not pregnant.. she just recovered from her double mascectomy.