Angelina Jolie And Sandra Bullock Embroiled In Bitter Feud?

Angelina Jolie And Sandra Bullock Embroiled In Bitter Feud?

I know tabloids thrive on feud stories, but this is getting ridiculous. According to Star Magazine, Angelina Jolie is embroiled in a feud with practically every other woman on the planet, and now they’ve added Sandra Bullock to that list. The latest report from Star claims that Angelina has declared ‘war‘ on Sandra, and gives a long list of reasons on why Angie apparently ‘hates‘ Sandra.

Um, sure. Yeah, she ‘hates’ Sandra so much that she praised her acting in Gravity recently, calling it one of the best performances she’s ever seen. She ‘hates’ Sandra, which is why their kids often have play dates together. And of course, what better sign of hatred is there than spending time together and praising each other? I mean, really? Sandra and Angelina have done nothing but support each other for the past twenty years in the industry, and they’ve been vocal about their support for their female counterparts in the business.

Of course, Star makes it seem like since Angelina dropped out of Gravity, and then Sandra ended up gaining commercial and critical acclaim for it, she’s just jealous. But in all honesty, I doubt that Angie gives a sh*t about that anymore. She’s moved on to directing now, and it’s really seemed like her acting career has taken a major backseat to her humanitarian efforts. Yes, I’m sure it’s gotta sting when you miss out on such a major role because of your manager’s stupidity, but she’s still Angelina freaking Jolie.

And seriously, tabloids have GOT to stop creating female feuds out of thin air. Why can George Clooney and Brad Pitt be best friends and ‘bros’ when they often compete for the same roles, yet female actresses can’t? It’s such horrible sexism, and it’s so deeply ingrained in the industry. It’ll only change if the audience and consumers demand change, so please, don’t buy into this ridiculous feud. It’s simply made up to sell magazines, and it’s built on a foundation of idiotic lies.

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  • Gotta love a good cat fight!

  • allie

    Yeah, I don’t believe any of this.

  • Sorry

    Sandra is not the type.

  • busybeeblogger

    I dunno, Sandy has Oscar buzz and Angie Jo is in a disney movie. :-/

  • Pamela

    Wow, that would be a weird feud.

  • Frank Tripodi

    who cares about angelina jolie, more bull from an oversized ego!