Anne Hathaway Abandons Her Old Dog For Stylish New Puppy?

Anne Hathaway Abandons Her Old Dog For Stylish New Puppy

A new report from Star Magazine claims that Anne Hathaway ‘wants to replace her faithful Labrador, Esmeralda, because the pup isn’t hip enough for Hollywood!’ A source told Star, “Anne really wants a ‘stylish young puppy’ she can play and interact with. She says she just can’t bond with a dog that’s half dead.”

Ok, this is harsh, and more ridiculous than Star is known for. I feel like tabloids are starting to forget boundaries and make up genuinely mean-spirited ‘news’ stories to draw more people in. They know people don’t like Anne Hathaway, so they’re making up a story of her abandoning her dog to get people to read their stories and be like, ‘Oh god, I knew I hated that girl. Good on Star for letting me know about this.’ But that’s not what’s happening. Instead, we just end up feeling disgust at Star for running with this blatantly manipulative story.

Their source also said, “It’s not quite the glamorous look she’s going for now that she’s won an Oscar. It just shows how out of touch Anne is getting. Friends think it’s horrifically sad and worry that her obsession with her image is taking over everything — even her humanity.”

Look, there’s no doubt that Anne is feeling out of touch, and she probably does feel bad about the way her image has taken a beating over the last few months. But it’s because of her pretentious speeches and behavior, not because of her personal choices. In fact, Anne outside of Hollywood seems like an infinitely more lovable person than the one she is on red carpets and on the stage. That Anne, I’d actually be down to hang out with. Besides, Anne has stated on numerous occasions that she loves her dog, and she’s been spotted out with her on numerous occasions over the past few months – even AFTER the Oscars. This is just a blatant attempt by a tabloid to gain readership.

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2 responses to “Anne Hathaway Abandons Her Old Dog For Stylish New Puppy?”

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  2. i hope this is not true. I really cannot imagine her doing this