Anne Hathaway Drug Abuse Alleged

Anne Hathaway Drug Abuse Alleged

When you think of Anne Hathaway you get an instant imagine of a little woman in a stunning gown with that infamous pixie cut. She tries to act all prim and proper and carry herself in a way that just oozes with class and clout. Or at least that’s exactly what Anne wants us all to think because that is the public character that she has somewhat successfully created for herself. Yes, the woman can act. But women in general dislike her because we can spot fakeness a mile away and this chick is about as plastic as any of the dolls you’d buy for your kid.

Anne married supposed love of her life, Adam Schulman in the last year and he’s not exactly the nicest guy. In fact he is a struggling actor with a real chip on his shoulder because his wife and all of her friends have made it in Hollywood while he still is waiting for a break. Adam is an unapologetic pothead and according to the May 6th print edition of National Enquirer, now so is his wife Anne. A source close to the magazine has seen photos of Anne holding a nice big blunt, while red-eyed and clearly already smoked up. There’s a series of partying pics that knocks Anne pretty far off of the pedestal that she tries to stay on.

Let’s not forget that a younger Anne admitted to illegal drug use when she was only 23 years old.

Clearly Anne smokes with her husband and of course the booze is free flowing in the photos as well. But what other vices has she picked up since getting together with Adam? Do they just smoke weed and drink or does Adam resort to stronger drugs to dull his jealousy and if so, does Anne partake as well? Friends say he’s not exactly the best person for her and I’m guessing that probably has something to do with his vices.

Do you think Anne is hiding a bit of a problem from everyone, at least until now? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Ann Namouse says:

    Ah have you forgotten her admission to drug usage when she refered to her catsuit diet for the batman movie. “kale and DUST”