AshLee Frazier’s Secret Divorce Devastates Bachelor Sean Lowe

AshLee Frazier's Secret Divorce Devastates Bachelor Sean Lowe

Most of the men and women who make it onto The Bachelor or The Bachelorette will cite terrible break ups or divorces as learning experiences, and teen bride AshLee Frazier is no different. A shocking new report shows the 32-year-old professional organizer is desperate for love after a childhood bouncing from one foster home to the next. Can the brokenhearted Texas native undo the heartache from her divorce, or will her first marriage haunt her?

AshLee always felt as if she wasn’t loved,” a family insider reported to National Enquirer, print edition January 28, 2013. On the premiere episode of The Bachelor, AshLee described her nightmare childhood, in which she bounced between homes before finally being adopted by a pastor at the age of six. An emotional AshLee seemed very thankful for her parents, noting that they told her every day that she was loved. But something was missing, and at 17, she wed Andrew Barbarow, who “treated her like a princess.” But the fairy tale came to a crashing halt 17-months later, when the couple divorced, citing irreconcilable differences.

But AshLee has come out stronger, and isn’t “embarrassed by her teen marriage. She considers it a learning experience.”  Still, we have to wonder if that, combined with her traumatic childhood, account for her single life. After the divorce, Ashlee had nothing to her name, and has worked hard to establish herself. But her teenage heartache has taught her one valuable lesson: have high standards! The insider promises that “the next time she marries, she plans on it lasting a lifetime.” Could AshLee have more painful learning experiences coming her way, or will Sean Lowe be the man of her dreams? If you’re itching with curiosity, click here to find out who Sean proposes to on the final episode—if anyone!

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