Bachlelorette Desiree Hartsock Engaged to Brooks Forester Despite Recent Heartbreaking Televised Drama? (VIDEO)


As all the Bachelorette fans witnessed on the recent episode, Desiree Hartsock was dealt a low blow by one of her top choices, Brooks Forester. Immediately after breaking Desiree’s heart, Brooks basically admitted that he’d made a wrong choice. Everyone was surprised by the bachelor’s declaration, as he seemed to be truly in love with Desiree. Many people are calling the showrunners on this drastic move, claiming that the whole situation was staged (or at least exaggerated to some extent through the magic of editing)! *GASP!* I thought this show depicted reality. #DreamsCrushed.

Brooks was noted with saying that he may have jumped the gun and misinterpreted his actual feelings for the potential love of  his life. He said, “I’m surprised. I didn’t want to leave her. I wasn’t expecting that. I didn’t know what else to say, though. I just wanted to sit there.”

If you’ve watched any of the episodes this season, you’ll know that Brooks — out of all the dudes in line for that final rose — was probably the most cautious in terms of putting his heart out there. He seemed to be the most realistic, one of the individuals who actually recognized he’s part of a ridiculous reality dating competition.

We all know that Desiree wants Brooks back, and we suspect he’ll come running back to her in the season finale. Unless the rug is pulled out from underneath our feet, we’re expecting Desiree to end up with Brooks, as that has been the talk around town for months. Though, we don’t take any rumor for granted here in Hollywood Land and are prepared to expect anything and everything involving this show. What do you think? Is Desiree engaged to Brooks?

Tune in to the Bachelorette finale tonight to find out! In the clip below, she says his departure has thrown everything off — which makes for the perfect set up for his glorious return!

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