Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck Fight Over Reality TV Show – Jen Wants One But Ben Says No!

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck Fight Over Reality TV Show - Jen Wants One But Ben Says No!

CDL reported earlier that Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck were being eyed by a top TV executive for a reality show. Of course, we also added that Ben Affleck wouldn’t be caught dead doing on a reality TV show. He doesn’t need it – he’s an Oscar winning producer and critically acclaimed director, and he’s managed to turn his name into a brand that people admire and aspire to emulate. Ten years ago, in the era of ‘Gigli’ and Jennifer Lopez, a reality show might have been an option. But he’s managed to turn his career around, and it’s clear that he’s aiming to be Harvey Weinstein, George Clooney, and Steven Spielberg all rolled into one. So why are the rumors of a reality show persisting?

Well, enter Mrs. Affleck. Jennifer Garner hasn’t had a hit since 2010’s Valentine’s Day, which could hardly be attributed to her. While she’s certainly not lacking for parts, she’s had neither a critical or commercial success in a very long time. What would a reality show do for her? Well, she doesn’t need the publicity – her husband’s name brings them enough of that. However, she could certainly re-purpose her branding with a reality show. Right now, a LOT of people feel sorry for her, especially after the tabloid reports and Ben’s Oscar speech. They assume that Ben is cheating on her – and while we don’t claim to know anything of that, it’s not hard to see why she puts up with him if it’s true. Right now, she’s known more for being Mrs. Ben Affleck than she is for anything else. A reality show could change that.

The only problem is – reality shows right now are associated with trash heaps like the Kardashians and Teen Moms. While I have no doubt that Jennifer wants to change her image, I doubt she would want to be associated with the likes of those idiots.

Do you guys think that Jennifer Garner should have her own reality show? Would that help her career or harm it? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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10 responses to “Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck Fight Over Reality TV Show – Jen Wants One But Ben Says No!”

  1. Ann Johnson says:

    You people are so stupid. The answer is NO Jen or Ben would neither one want or do a reality show. But a little truth in reporting and reality on this blog would be a very good thing!!

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  3. BuckyBoyd says:

    The writers of this site are so damn ridiculous it’s not even funny. Jen wants a reality show? Since when? How about since NEVER! What credibility do you have to say that they’re fighting over a reality show because Jen wants one and Ben doesn’t? YOU DON’T!

    You see, both Ben and Jen rose to fame before reality tv stars became “celebrities”. Reality tv did exist, but they didn’t became a part of celebrity fan culture until about 2004/2005, when Ben and Jen were already famous. They got where they are through hard work and talent and i can almost guarantee that if you ask any actor or actress, especially those who have had careers long before reality tv stars came around, they would say that they absolutely hate reality tv. There is no way that Ben OR Jen would EVER do a reality tv show. NO A-List actor or actress in Hollywood would EVER be caught dead filming a reality tv show.

    As for Jen not having a hit since 2010, you don’t know much about movies do you? She is no longer doing movies that are meant to be blockbusters. She has since done away with rom-com roles and big budget films. She has now stepped into indie roles and children’s movies. Indie movie are NEVER supposed to make a lot of money. They are very small budget films and they usually only about at a small amount of theaters. And children’s movies never have high expectations to do great unless they’re Disney Pixar. She has the indie film Dallas Buyers Club coming out later this year for awards season. Expect that film to be nominated for and probably win Oscars because it has major Oscar buzz surrounding it. She has also just begun filming another indie film Draft Day whose script topped the black list before it was sold and if you know anything about movies, which it seems you don’t, you’d know that a script topping the black list means its a really really good script so this movie could potentially make the Oscars in two years. She also just signed on to the movie Imagine which is another indie film and this definitely sounds like movie that could make the Oscars so don’t be surprised to see this movie at the Oscars in two years. And finally she just signed on to another children’s movie. Just like i said before, she is not focusing on movies to be big hits. She is now over 40 and like most over 40 actresses, she has gone the indie route. The Odd Life of Timothy Green was a children’s movie and Butter was an indie. And before she got pregnant with Samuel, she was signed on to another indie but had to drop out. And besides, one of her biggest hits ever was Juno which was an indie. Jen knows where her career is right now and she’s actually making smart choices. Educate yourself on movies. Not ever actor or actress works for blockbuster type movies unless their name is Tom Cruise or Will Smith.

    And about the “a LOT of people feel sorry for her” comment, seriously? Most people don’t even believe those rumors, so no, a lot of people don’t feel sorry for her. Star Magazine and all those other tabloids and blind item sites are all just a bunch of the same repeated BS lies with no proof—ever. Just because the writers on this site writes articles based on those BS stories and pretend they’re real, doesn’t mean that they’re true nor does it mean that fans with a brain even believe them. Fact of the matter is, power couples like Ben and Jen, Brad and Angelina, etc are always going to have rumors about them because they are mega famous, they have been together for years, they are beloved by fans, etc so they’re easy targets so they use them for recycled “news” stories when they run out of things to report on.

    • devamma says:

      “While I have no doubt that Jennifer wants to change her image, I doubt she would want to be associated with the likes of those idiots.”

      Do you guys read? The article is taking the rumors of Jen supposedly wanting a reality show and then debunking them! idiots.

      • ColleenBrady says:

        No, Celeb Dirty Laundry is the ONLY site to even report that Jen wants a reality show and Ben doesn’t and they’re fighting over it so they aren’t dubunking anything.

  4. Oh oh. Another divorce??

  5. Ashley Smith says:

    Do the people that write for this stupid site get paid? Gosh, i sure as hell hope not. This is one of the absolute most pathetic celebrity sites on the internet. Actually it is one number one most pathetic celebrity site on the internet.

    PS learn to write, Siyana Riley. Your title makes no sense since in the article you have no proof that Jen wants a reality show and Ben doesn’t so you can’t put the title as “Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck Fight Over Reality TV Show-Jen Wants One But Ben Says No!” The National Enquirer who first published this rumor never once said Jen wanted a reality show, you’re the ONLY person who is saying that and you have no credibility to do so. You’re a very pathetic person, Siyana.

  6. HollywoodHiccups says:

    That would be interesting I would like to see a Jen and Ben reality show!

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