Big Brother 15 Amanda Zuckerman and Elissa Slater Bashed By Andy Herren: Women-Hating Winning Housguest Uses The “C” Word (VIDEO)

Big Brother 15 Amanda Zuckerman and Elissa Slater Bashed By Andy Herren: Woman Hating Winning Housguest Uses The "C" Word (VIDEO)

Andy Herren, winner of Big Brother 15 is trying to make America think that he is all innocent and certainly not capable of any of the horrible controversial conversations that were made in the Big Brother house in season 15. Yet, if you listened to any of the live feeds, you would have found that Andy seemed to favor the word “c*nt” when referring to Elissa Slater who was also in the house and he bashed on her most of all, almost relentlessly. Aside from that, Andy bashed each houseguest maliciously with GinaMarie and Spencer towards the end of the season. Then there were Andy’s comments about Elissa and her dildo story, getting blowjobs from the women and so much more. And Andy had lots of nasty things to say about Amanda. Before Amanda Zuckerman and McCrae Olson left the game, Andy looked like someone who had a great social game, then when they left, the real Andy came forward demonstrating the seething and hate-filled side of his personality.

In an interview with former Big Brother alumni, Jeff Schroeder when asked what was his take on the controversial comments this season, Andy Herren said, “I hope people can look past…I mean don’t get me wrong, I shouldn’t say look past the controversy because I don’t condone any of those awful things that were said, I think that is terrible you know and it’s nothing that I like to be associated with and I hope people realize that that is not me, I hope that people don’t associate that with me because I that was never anything that I… no comments like that ever came out of my mouth

Andy clearly knows that his 15 minutes of fame is over and his winnings are not going to last him a lifetime, so he needs to be doing some major damage control if he is ever going to see the inside of a college again and that is clearly why he is lying in his interviews.

Watch the video below, you can see for yourself just how nasty Andy can be. He may not instigate the controversial and disgusting conversations, but he loves to participate in them.