Big Brother 15 Amanda Zuckerman Terrifies Spencer Clawson?

Big Brother 15 Amanda Zuckerman Terrifies Spencer Clawson: Admits Amanda Is A Monster!

Big Brother 15 will go down in history as having one of the worst bullies ever on their show, Amanda Zuckerman. A lot of Amanda’s bullying was directed against Elissa Slater and Candice Stewart but we haven’t really heard how the other house guests felt in the middle of all Amanda’s reign of terror, until now.

Finally, one house guest has come forward and revealed just how he felt in the Big Brother house in the middle of Amanda’s reign of terror. In a recent interview, Railway Conductor, Spencer Clawson admitted that Amanda had a lot of power in the house, she was loud and abrasive and a terrifying person that you didn’t want on your bad side.

Imagine, this coming from a guy who describes himself as being mouthy and opinionated, is 31 years old and looks like he could bench press Amanda!

If Spencer was so afraid of Amanda, I can only imagine how poor Elissa Slater felt?

Then there is Candice Stewart, thank God she was evicted early on and was spared any more bullying from Amanda. But, while she was in the house, this is what Amanda said to Candice: “F*cking Candice, all day today I wanna just f*cking kill her.” “You’ve been a b*tch c*nt face this entire time. … B*tch, you wore my f*cking headband …and put it on her greasy-ass nappy hair head.” “You’re f*cking ugly and you’re fat…go f*ck yourself, you f*cking ugly b*tch” “I want to harpoon her…I want to kill Candice. I want to f*cking sharpen one of those butter knives.”

Has reality TV gone too far? Do you think Amanda should have to be held accountable for actions inside the Big Brother house now that she is out?

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