Big Brother 15 PoV Winner Andy Herren – 8/11/13 Spoiler Episode 20!

Big Brother 15 PoV Winner Andy Herron - 8/11/13 Spoiler Episode 20!

Big Brother 15 left us off with waiting for the next HoH competition and by now if you read all our spoilers you would know that Andy Herren won HoH. Along with that, the Have Nots for the week were also selected.  Andy has nominated Spencer Clawson and Jessie Kowalski.

The Power of Veto competition was held and now we have the winner of that competition as well. The PoV competition was called “Blood, Bolts and Bandages”, the players were Andy, Spencer, Jessie, Amanda, Helen and Elissa with the host being McCrae. The winner of the PoV competion is Andy. Spencer was so upset that Andy won and he hurt his back in the competition, apparently he almost won. Meanwhile, Jessie thinks it was by far the worst competition ever.

Aaryn is pushing for Jessie to stay in the house and gives her reassurance that the house is just trying to make Spencer feel comfortable when he is going to be the real target this week. The plan is to tell the house that Jessie is weak socially and doesn’t know how to talk game, so she is better to keep in the house. Aaryn then heads on over to see Helen and tells her that Jessie is not coming after them, but Spencer is and he is a strong competitor. Aaryn tells Jessie that she is just a pawn, but what she doesn’t know, is that Aaryn is just lying.

Nobody has made any bold moves all season and this week will not be the week for that to happen because frankly, Andy just doesn’t have it in him. Andy is going to keep the nominations the same and send Jessie home. The smartest thing to do at this stage in the game is to get rid of Helen, but intelligence is never a factor in Big Brother strategies this season so far.

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