Big Brother 15 Spoiler: Andy Herren Wins To Be First “Out And Proud” Winner and Salvage Some Good Press For CBS

Big Brother 15 Spoiler: Andy Herren Wins To Be First "Out And Proud" Winner and Salvage Some Good Press For CBS

This season 15 of Big Brother has had to have had the worst houseguests ever on a reality tv show in television history. The houseguests have truly put a new spin on trashy TV and guess what? The three remaining guests, Spencer, GinaMarie, and Andy have all been censured by their employers and GinaMarie and Andy dismissed for their nasty behavior inside the house. Let’s not forget that Julie Chen was outed as a drunk by Andy and Spencer as well.

Spencer is by far the worst left in the house and there is no way that Big Brother wants him to win. After all, what would it look like if CBS let a guy win who thought child porn was entertaining? Do you remember when Spencer said, “I like to beat off to child porn. Did I ever tell y’all about that? I love it. Beating off to child porn is my
favorite thing there is?” Yep, that is what the lowlife degenerate said. And then there is GinaMarie who has made some pretty horrific and offensive comments about race. GinaMarie’s comments towards Elissa’s son were the worst when she said, “looks like a fucking Spanish Puerto Rican little dirt fucking…” and lets not forget GinaMarie’s description of welfare, she called it “Nigger Insurance“.

So what do we have left? Andy who can at least do one thing positive. He can be the first “out and proud” gay winner of Big Brother. This will give Big Brother 15 and CBS a chance to get some good press out of the mountain loads of bad press they have already gotten. Andy was also a victim in the house of the homophobic slurs, so it makes sense that they would want the victim to prevail in the end. When you think of it, Andy acted like a rat – yes he lied and deceived his way to the top – but which Big Brother houseguest hasn’t done that before him? Andy winning is the only way for CBS to salvage what is left of this cesspool that we call Big Brother 15.

9 responses to “Big Brother 15 Spoiler: Andy Herren Wins To Be First “Out And Proud” Winner and Salvage Some Good Press For CBS”

  1. HollywoodHiccups says:

    If he wins I will never watch Big Brother again!

  2. Mike11CTSV says:

    Pulling for GM.

  3. sheri s says:

    Andy has called Elissa some unspeakable things. He also was let go from his job. He is NO WINNER as a humane being. I don’t think any of the 3 left should win BB this year. I think the 500,000K should go back into the fund and give it to someone next year. The 3 of them broke enough rules of the BB rule book that they should of been tossed out on there disgusting keisters,

  4. Michelle Cameron says:

    Are you kidding me? ANDY IS THE WORST!!! Making fun of Autistic children and threatening violence to punch women in the face on a daily basis, his favorite word is the C word when referring to women. He just called anyone who takes Elissa’s yoga classes a neo nazi bigot, this vile young man is full of hate. If he wins, trust me the backlash will begin. My gay best friend says he is an embarrassment to the entire gay community. Andy Herren is truly pyschotic

  5. MakeHerUp says:

    I am so over this season it makes me not want to watch anymore. The contestants were all so vile you didn’t care if any of them won.

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  7. Goo gran says:

    Andy aka “the Rat” has said some pretty awful stuff himself AND has laughed his ass off at all the bigoted racial homophobic stuff that was said about anyone!! He allowed Amanda to call him Kermit the Fag! So how is he sooo deserving to win & certainly isn’t going to give CBS “good press” !!!!! And since when does CBS or production or anyone connected to the show have the ability to pick who wins!! That isn’t fair to any of the players & certainly not the viewers!!! Why should we bother to watch the garbage that’s going on if its all staged!? I’m truly disappointed in BB & CBS!! I’ve always looked forward to BB & never wanted it to end but this season has disgusted me to the point of nausea & I’m ready for it to END!!!!!!!!!!

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