Big Brother 15 Update: Andy Herren Prepares To Stab GinaMarie Zimmerman In The Back!

Big Brother 15 Update: Andy Herren Prepares To Stab GinaMarie Zimerman In The Back!

Andy Herren is an openly gay college professor whose strategy in the Big Brother 15 house is to lie, lie and lie again to everyone while he sucks up to whomever is in power. This week the powerhouse is Spencer and Andy is hot on his trail, sucking up to secure his place in the final two regardless of the derogatory homophobic slurs that Spencer has previously made towards him. Andy clearly has no morals nor pride whatsoever.

Andy revealed in the diary room that he believes America loves him and thinks he is sweet and innocent, but that description couldn’t be farther from the truth. Andy loves to rile the other houseguests and when the racial slurs flow, he gets a particular sick enjoyment in sitting back and laughing at the slurs; it’s just disgusting. Andy has also called women in the Big Brother house c*nts and has said that he wants to do physical violence to his fellow houseguests.

Andy also likes to use the “hate” word which is an extremely powerful word; first it was against Nick for the longest time and now it is against Elissa which by the way is getting so bad that if I were her, I would get a restraining order against Andy when she leaves the house. Why does Andy’s despicable behaviour continue to go unnoticed? I just hope that the college in which he teaches at are not ignoring his disgusting behaviour. I would never want someone with such low morals and scruples to teach my child.

Zingbot called it, Andy is a floater, he’s no mastermind, he was McCranda’s puppet and now he is Spencer’s puppet. You know Andy will turn in GinaMarie the second he gets the chance, right?

The biggest mistake Andy made in his game was to let Amanda know that he voted her out. Amanda is now in the jury house and telling everyone one what a lying piece of scum Andy really is; if Andy even makes it to the final two, he doesn’t have a chance in hell of winning the money now. What a moron!

4 responses to “Big Brother 15 Update: Andy Herren Prepares To Stab GinaMarie Zimmerman In The Back!”

  1. Annemarie says:

    He is starting to look worse than Amanda ever did!!

  2. Robyn says:

    I despise him he is a horrible back stabber he has to go!

  3. kaywynn says:

    there was a point shortly after the kermit comment spencer made that he realized what he was saying was hurtful and ugly. he has made very few, if any homophobic comments since then. he’s a total misogynist for sure, but he deserves credit for showing more respect towards andy.

    andy hasn’t had to float to power; he’s been in EVERYONE’S good graces since early in the game. being friends with everyone is the key to his game strategy and it has worked. he is not a floater and has been nobody’s puppet. if anything, he has been the primary navigator of this game and has done so masterfully.

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