Big Brother 15 Week 7 Episode 21: Jessie Kowalski – Who Is Evicted Spoiler

Big Brother 15 Week 7 Episode 21: Jessie Kowalski - Who Is Evicted Spoiler

This week 7 Big Brother is heating up and alliances are being tested as we get closer and closer to the final four. Andy won the HoH and along with that, he has also won the PoV; this means that Andy has all the power in the house, but sadly he is one of the weakest players in Big Brother history. The time is now for Andy to make a bold move, which would be to get rid of either Helen or Amanda; this would be the smartest thing for his game. But, Andy decides to not use the PoV on anybody and keeps the nominations the same with either Spencer or Jessie going home.

Jessie made a bold move of her own, but it was too little too late and we can understand her wanting to flip the house, but she has been trying for four weeks and nothing she has done has worked. This week Jessie came out and tried to back door Amanda and that just blew up in her face when Andy, the rat, ran all the way back to Amanda and told her about Jessie’s plan.

Andy thinks that Jessie is going to be really pissed if she leaves before Aaryn, but sadly, that is exactly what is going to happen. Jessie’s bold move against Amanda is going to get her voted out of the house this Thursday. If we have learned anything this 15th season, “hell hath no fury like Amanda scorned”. I really wonder if Jessie has even figured out that she is going home this week? The house guests are all making it look like Spencer is going home to trick Jessie, can she really be that gullible? What I keep wondering is why Jessie hasn’t figured out who the person is that keeps running to Amanda with her plans to flip the house.

Andy says that he feels terrible because Jessie thinks she is staying, meanwhile Spencer doesn’t care because he has heard Jessie say so many times that she didn’t want to be there. Spencer should try walking in Jessie’s shoes for one day and have Amanda verbally abuse him and then see if he wants to stay in the house; I think he would want to leave as well.

If Helen had listened to Jessie last week when Amanda was on the block, she could have made a strong loyal warrior out of Jessie and taken Amanda out. Now, Helen continues to talk shit about Amanda,but Jessie is the one who is going be taken out this week.

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