Big Brother 2013 RECAP 8/14/13: Season 15 Episode 21 “PoV Competition”

Big Brother 2013 RECAP 8/14/13: Season 15 Episode 21 “PoV Competition”

Tonight on CBS BIG BROTHER returns for the 21st episode of their 15th season. On tonight’s episode we see what happens in the PoV competition. Did you watch the last episode where the new HoH was announced and the eviction nominations? We did and we recapped it right here for you!

On last episode we got to see the HoH competition and Andy won, you just knew he was not going to be making any big moves.  Most of last week’s show was a Big Brother recap of the previous week where there was a double eviction.  Andy had to pick the Have Nots, but the women came forward and volunteered; Helen, Aaryn, Elissa and Ginamarie.  Helen was hoping she could convince Andy to nominate Amanda and McCrae for eviction.  Helen wanted to make a big movie.  Unbeknownst to her, Andy was in an alliance with Amanda and McCrae, so we knew that was not going to happen.  Andy ended up putting Jesse and Spencer up on the block.

On tonight’s show we are going to get to see the PoV competition.  It is going to pick up right after last week’s nomination ceremony where Andy put Jesse and Spencer up.  If you need to know who wins the PoV, we spoiled the episode for you.  [CLICK HERE]

Big Brother 2013 airs tonight at 8 PM EST with its eleventh episode, we will be live blogging the show with all the up-to-the-minute details so make sure to come back to Celeb Dirty Laundry and watch the show with us. Can’t wait to see how all the drama plays out, how about you?   While you wait for the recap, let us know what you think of this season of Big Brother, so far?  Check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

Recap: Andy assures Spencer that he does not have to worry about being on the block. Spencer knows he needs to play it cool otherwise he could be voted out. Andy then heads over to meet with Jessie and tells her that he hopes she doesn’t hold this against him but she is not a target and this should benefit her. Amanda goes to see Aaryn and tells her that Jessie has to go up this week. Amanda secures her final four; Aaryn, Andy, McCrae and Amanda, Aaryn is happy out and thinks this is going to get her hard in the game.

Andy meets with Helen, she tells him that he made a safe a decision and won’t ruffle any feathers for what he did but Helen really is worried about his loyalty to her. Helen is keeping Andy close to her because she is afraid that he may back door her.

Helen keeps saying that she wants to make a big move and get rid of some targets, Amanda is worried that it may be her so she tells McCrae and Andy to come up with a fake alliance with her because Helen would never get rid of people in her alliance.

McCrae pitched the fake alliance to Helen and it is going way better than anyone could have ever imagined. Time to announce the Veto competition players and host.  The players are Andy, Spencer, Jessie, Amanda, Helen and Elissa with the host being McCrae. Amanda really wants to win, she tells her new alliance. Helen is so sold on this alliance, I am really surprised.

McCrae is waiting for a counting competition and hopes that this afternoon will be it. Meanwhile, Amanda plans on throwing the competition and letting Helen win to prove her loyalty. Andy and McCrae then go to see Spencer and tell him to throw the competition so that Helen can win.

Time for the competition, McCrae was right, it is a counting competition. There are three movie sets and house guests have to memorize them. The object of the game is to earn three movie tickets, the person closet to the actual answer wins a ticket. Helen wins the first ticket. Helen wins the second ticket and everyone is folding, allowing her to win. In the third round, Spencer has had enough and doesn’t fold anymore, which throws Helen out of the game. Andy realizes that it is now up to him to win the competition. Andy wins a ticket. Amanda is pissed and doesn’t even know if she wants Jessie voted out now. Elissa wins a movie ticket, Jessie is out and it’s disgusting how happy everyone looks. Andy wins and both Jessie and Spencer are really disappointed.

Meanwhile, Amanda is still upset that Spencer back stabbed the group. Andy tells McCrae and Amanda that he is really worried about Spencer. Spencer goes in to see Amanda, McCrae and Andy and blames what he did on stress.

Jessie goes in to see Andy and tries to get Andy to flip on his alliance and make a big move, get Amanda out. Andy claims he needs time to think about it, but what he really wants to do is run back to Amanda and tell her.

Helen has some alone time with McCrae and tells him that they might have to get rid of Amanda before they hit the final four.

Amanda is in bed with McCrae, he tells her that Helen wants to get rid of her before final four.

Amanda, Andy and McCrae tell Aaryn that they have to move to get Helen out because she wants to target Amanda. Andy has a big decision to make, is going to use the PoV. Time for the Veto meeting, Andy decides NOT to use the PoV.

Helen thinks she has the green light from McCrae to get rid of Amanda, she is so excited. Meanwhile, Spencer has dug himself a deeper grave as just before Andy said that he would not use the Veto, Spencer said, “if you were smart you would use the Veto and take me off the block, but you haven’t done anything smart this week”.