Big Brother RECAP 9/18/13: Season 15 FINALE

Big Brother RECAP 9/18/13: Season 15 FINALE

Tonight on CBS the season finale of BIG BROTHER season 15 airs.  After a whole summer of watching the drama, bickering, backstabbing and racial slurs we will find out who takes home the $500,000 prize: Andy Herren, GinaMarie Zimmerman or Spencer Clawson.  No matter who wins the prize  tonight, I doubt many will be happy, each of the remaining three houseguests has been repulsive most of the season.

On last week’s show most of the episode was taken up with flashbacks/clips of season 15.  We also saw the first round of the three part final HoH competition. Houseguests had to roller skate in a disco themed back yard. Because it was the final HoH, everyone was able to play.

On tonight’s show we get to see the outcome of the first round of the final HoH, then the second round which has already been held.   We have the outcome of Round 1 & 2 here, if you want to know before tonight’s show. Then finally the third round which will be held live tonight and we will find out who are the last two houseguest competing for the $500,000 prize.  The two houseguests will have to face the jury and it is really difficult to guess who they will pick to win.  We will also find out who America picks to win the America’s favorite player, we are predicting Elissa.  That should really piss of Andy, Spencer and GinaMarie who have not stopped complaining about Elissa.

Big Brother 2013 airs tonight at 9:30 PM EST with its finale, we will be live blogging the show with all the up-to-the-minute details so make sure to come back to Celeb Dirty Laundry and watch the show with us. Can’t wait to see how all the drama plays out, how about you? While you wait for the recap, let us know who do you think is going to win BB 15?

RECAP: For most of the summer Amanda and Helen have been in control of the game, but when the time came to turn on each other, Amanda drew first blood. Nobody was untouchable from Amanda’s wrath until The Exterminators took her down. First they took out Aaryn, then the Queene Bee herself, Amanda. Next was Elissa, then Judd and McCrae. After a summer of outrageous behavior and crazy twists, romance, tears and epic battles, it all comes down to this. Who will become the final HoH and who will be in the final two? More importantly, who will win it all and who will win America’s Favorite.

We return to the first round of the final HoH competition and it is every person for themselves. Spencer can hardly hold on and he is down and out. It is now down to Ginamarie and Andy, Ginamarie wins.

Time for the next round, part 2 and Andy is an undersea adventure where they have to find all the evicted houseguests in the sand and put them in the order in which they were evicted. Andy is first and the stakes have never been higher. Andy got two wrong and has to fix them, this puts him a bit behind. It is now Spencer’s turn and he wants to be the one making the decisions. Spencer has a different problem, he is sweating like a pig and has no energy left to climb the wall. It’s time to find out who won round two, Andy did it in 21 minutes and 54 seconds. Spencer did it in 36 minutes and 11 seconds; Andy is the winner.

We are now getting a look into the jury house and Dr. Will visits them for a chat. Juror number 8 joins the group and it is McCrae, he tells everyone that Andy back stabbed him. Judd says that he was the first guy in the house with all the women and it was crazy. Dr. Will asks if the jury house has repaired the relations and everyone says no. Dr. Will asks if Ginamarie made the biggest move of the summer, Helen, Elissa and Judd says yes. Amanda says that Ginamarie did not really play the game until she joined The Exterminator alliance and they probably told her what to do. Dr. Will wants to know the best move that Andy made that could win him the game, Judd says deciding to no longer be a floater. Dr. Will asks why they seem to forgive Andy and they all say because he never made anything he said personal. McCrae mentions that he planned to get rid of Amanda before him, she gives him a dirty look. Dr. Will wants to know if they will be voting for the biggest bad ass, then he tells them to come up with some questions that will impact their final vote.

The final round of the HoH competition are questions about what the houseguests have said about things that happened in the house. Andy is in the lead, Ginamarie answered two questions wrong. Andy has now answered one wrong, but he is still in the lead. Andy is the winner and the final HoH, he gets to choose who to evict and who will go head to head with him in front of the jury for a half million dollars.

Andy is guaranteed at least second place and the winnings of $50,000.00; time for him to evict one of the houseguests, he votes to evict Spencer because he gave Ginamarie his word on night one. Spencer joins Julie outside the house. Spencer tells Julie that he is not shocked, but he still thinks Andy is a really good dude. Spencer tells Julie that he loved every minute of it, every day was a blessing and Big Brother is his favorite TV show.

Time for the questions for the final two houseguests. Amanda asks Ginamarie “prior to joining the Exterminators you didn’t make any big moves, what was your biggest game move?”. Ginamarie says that it was getting Amanda and McCrae evicted. Elissa asks Andy, “prior to Andy joining the Exterminators, what was your biggest game move?”. Andy says it was aligning with Amanda and McCrae. Helen asks Ginamarie, “what was your biggest obstacle in the game?”. Ginamarie says that it was having Nick leave. McCrae asks Andy, “you always said you would be a bitter jury member if you were stabbed in the back, so why should we vote for you if you stabbed everyone else in the back?”. Andy says that he played a good game, he was instrumental in getting everyone out. Candice asks Ginamarie, “since you personally insulted many of the jury members, why should we give you the money”. Ginamarie says that she acted out of character when Nick was voted out. Jessie asks Andy, “knowing you need five votes to win Big Brother why did you lie to so many people”. Andy apologizes to everyone, but he lied to everyone to get where he is in the game. Spencer gets to ask the last question, “Andy you just cost me a whole lot of money, why should I give you the money?”. Andy says because he played the best game, he had an alliance with Ginamarie throughout the game, he didn’t lie to her, he kept his word and played a well rounded game.

Ginamarie gives her final plea to win the money, she first gives them a compliment on how wonderful they look. Then, she says that she played a great game, made a connection with everyone, apologizes to anyone if she offended them. If they do vote for her, she will give them a parting gift.

Andy says that he played the game with his heart and his mind, everyday he thought about what he could do not to be a target. Andy takes full credit for making everyone go home, he says it was expertly calculated. Andy says he respects their decision, but even more so if they vote for him to win the game.

Candice is the first to vote and it doesn’t take long for all the votes to be in.

Julie asks Amanda who does she think the MVP was, she says America and she is right. Amanda says that she didn’t think she was disliked as much as she apparently is by America. Howard tells Julie that he was surprised at the severity of the comments on the show. Howard says the racial and personal ones, he is happy he wasn’t privy to it and would not watch the After Dark because of it. Julie says the ugly comments made national headlines. Spencer says it is unfortunate that people are upset, he hates that it brought bad publicity. Jeremy says that being a momma’s boy, Helen threw him off with her crying and it shocked him.

It is time to reveal the winner, Julie will pull the keys Spencer; Andy, McCrae; Andy, Judd; Ginamarie, Elissa; Andy, Amanda; Andy, Aaryn; Ginamarie, Helen; Andy… the winner is Andy. Just for the record, Jessie and Candice also voted for Andy.

It is time to announce who is the winner of America’s Favorite, it was between Judd, Elissa and Howard. Elissa wins the $25,000.00.