Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky’s Sex Tape Found: Hillary Clinton Faces More Humiliation (PHOTO)

Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky's Sex Tape: Hillary Clinton Faces More Humiliation (PHOTO)

Unfortunately the sex scandal and appropriate use of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” isn’t over just yet. Bill Clinton, our lovable rogue, and his former indiscreet mistress, Monica Lewinsky, have a sex tape. Yeah even though we were all sure sex tapes were early 2000s we were wrong. Bill apparently didn’t mind having to deal with chunky video equipment if it meant having fun with a chunky intern.

The National Enquirer was the one to cover the story. They have the whole sordid tale from 16 years ago and you know what’s the most embarrassing about all of this. Its not what this would do to Hillary Clinton’s run in the presidential race. Nothing has stopped her before and it ain’t going to start now. Its not what it will do to Chelsea Clinton. She’s grown up with a tougher skin than she should have. But this story is going to matter to Bill because they summed up the sex right there on the cover.

“The 3 1/2 minutes that will shock America!”

Are you serious. He’s only 3 1/2 minutes worth. Wow Bill! I didn’t know you could be over all within a commercial break. Suddenly his reputation as being the first de facto black president wasn’t as amusing as before.

Well never mind there’s much bigger things to thing about. Like who had the tape and how did it get out. My money is on Monica but then again I never liked her and I wish she’d o away. However she’s the one always complaining about money woes so why would she hold onto a tape this long. No its not her and it can’t be the Clintons so who? That’s the real mystery.

Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky's Sex Tape Found: Hillary Clinton Faces More Humiliation (PHOTO)