Ryan Reynolds Catches Blake Lively Cheating – Report

Ryan Reynolds Catches Blake Lively Cheating - Report

We reported that newlyweds Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are already having problems—and they haven’t been married six months! Ryan is pushing her away by forcing outdoorsy vacations on her every chance he gets—the same thing that pushed Scarlet Johansson away! Blake is a glam girl, and though she doesn’t mind roughing it, she wants a luxury resort every now and then!

Blake and Ryan got married in such a romantic way—they kept it totally off the radar, invited close family and friends, and have released limited wedding photos. That commitment to privacy seems to mean they’ll last forever, but US Weekly reported in print edition March 4, 2013, that she’s already straying!

The Gossip Girl actress was spotted “kissing her waiter goodbye after a brunch” with Ryan at the Bedford Post Inn in New York. I know things in Hollywood are a little crazy, but in what world do you kiss your waiter after dining out with your husband? No news on what sort of kiss it was, but does it really matter?

Blake and Ryan seem like pretty down-to-earth people—by celebrity standards, at least—and we hate the thought that divorce is on the horizon. Then again, they got married pretty quickly, and seem to have drastically different interests, so it wouldn’t be too surprising to get a joint statement explaining that they’re moving in different directions emotionally and physically!

Is Blake’s bizarre kiss a sign of trouble in paradise, or just a weird one-time sign of affection to a friendly waiter? Is Ryan ruining their marriage with his back-woods hobby, or is Blake looking to reestablish herself outside of the spotlight? Could there be more to the story—like that the kiss was just a peck on the cheek? It seems strange that Us Weekly doesn’t delve into the kiss at all, or even question why it happened! Are we being over sensitive to an innocent kiss?

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  • Ryan and Blake are a lovely couple that don’t quite fit the “Hollywood” idea of celebrity couples, and in this case it appears the paparazzi are scraping the bottom of the barrel to try and sell some magazines.
    I think you will find that the kiss was purely innocent, the waiter was more than likely a fan and complimented Blake and she thanked him with a small peck on the cheek. I agree with your line of thinking, why would Blake kiss the waiter after having brunch WITH Ryan. Just goes to show what utter rubbish the whole cheating story is.
    I also believe that the paparazzi are grasping at straws with the news that their marriage is in trouble due to Ryan wanting to have outdoorsy vacations, I mean seriously, who sits around and thinks up these vicious lies? I don’t understand why anyone would want to tarnish a good person’s reputation with nonsense like this. Ryan and Blake are good people, I wish they would either be left alone or at the very least, they should be treated with respect.

  • drdebo

    why did he marry her?