Blake Lively Wants Out: Ryan Reynolds Divorce Coming – Report

Blake Lively Wants Out: Ryan Reynolds Divorce Coming - Report

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds shocked the world last September when news came out that they had secretly married, surrounded by family and friends. It definitely changed our definition of and standards for a celebrity elopement—the two were seriously sneaky! We thought their down-to-earth wedding would be the first step in one of the rare, true Hollywood romances, but a new report suggests the two are already fighting!

He’s taken her camping on both of the short breaks they’ve managed to get in since their marriage in September,” an insider told Star Magazine, print edition February 18, 2013. Blake doesn’t identify as an outdoorsy girl—though she certainly isn’t one to be a whimpering damsel in distress. But that doesn’t mean she wants to give up all of her free time to sleeping in a cold tent in the woods! Blake can’t get through to him though, and is “starting to worry they’ll never go on a fancy vacation again.”

Blake isn’t the only woman Ryan has pushed away with his love of the outdoors; Scarlett Johansson got too much quality time outside and it became one of the reasons they “never worked out” as a couple. I don’t think either person is in the wrong here: Blake enjoys an occasional camping trip thrown into the vacation mix, while Ryan lives for camping. It seems like they should have sat down and discussed their likes and dislikes lists a bit more.

There are plenty of women (celebrity or not) in the world who understand the fun in a well-timed camping trip. Obviously, Blake is frustrated that he is refusing to schedule any other type of vacation, and we don’t blame her! Who doesn’t want a luxury vacation to someplace warm? They could even work in a camping night on a deserted beach for Ryan’s sake—but he needs to start compromising! Do you think the couple is destined for divorce?

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