Blake Shelton and Sheryl Crow Cheating on Miranda Lambert?

Blake Shelton and Sheryl Crow Cheating on Miranda Lambert?

I’m really beginning to think that Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton have reached a point in their relationship where they need to decide what it is that they really want. Blake is clocking major hours working with his competitors on The Voice and when it came time to pick a guest mentor Blake asked Miranda to fill the spot. He was tired of listening to her swing accusations and figured bringing her closer would put an end to that. Ironically, Miranda refused the suggestion because of a scheduling conflict, so Blake had to find someone else.

According to the May 13th edition of Star Blake snagged Sheryl Crow for the guest mentor spot and Miranda completely lost it. She didn’t want Blake around Sheryl and as the she has continued to text Blake regarding the show, it’s contact that has caused Miranda to fly into a rage. Clearly she thinks that Sheryl has a different agenda and is actually trying to sink her hooks into Blake and the whole situation has caused an insecure Miranda to demand that her husband stay away from Sheryl.

I wonder if it has ever occurred to her that she could be better than the woman that being with Blake reduces her to. I mean if she trusted him then every instance wouldn’t send her into an insecure tailspin. Not that I think Blake has proven to be trustworthy. Hell, he got together with Miranda while married to his first wife so clearly his current wife has reason to worry about his wandering eye.

Do you think that Sheryl was looking for anything other than a work conversation with Blake? Do you think he has been faithful to Miranda over the last few years? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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