Boardwalk Empire RECAP 11/24/13: Season 4 Finale “Farewell Daddy Blues”

Boardwalk Empire RECAP 11/24/13: Season 4 Finale “Farewell Daddy Blues”

Tonight we say farewell to another season of my favorite show on television HBO’s BOARDWALK EMPIRE.  The show will be ending it’s forth season tonight with a new episode called, “Farewell Daddy Blues” and you know I will be watching.  ON tonight’s show there are so many hot stories going on I doubt we will see them all tied up.  But tonight Chalky is back and he wants to settle scores, I think it won’t go well for Doctor Narcisse.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and to get you caught up for tonight, head over and read our full and detailed recap, right here.

On last week’s show Nucky took inventory after being warned of a skunk in his cellar. As the episode progressed it seemed that Nucky was starting suspect that Eli might be that skunk.  On the lam following a close call, Chalky and Daughter took refuge outside Wilmington with Oscar Boneau, his mentor from years ago. Gillian considered selling her mansion and starting a new life with Roy Phillips.  The shock of the evening was finding out that Roy was a Pinkerton man and he was playing Gillian to get her to admit she killed Roger.

On tonight’s show Eli is going to brace for the worst as Agent Knox launches his plan to bring Nucky down. Capone and Torrio will reach an agreement in Cicero. Chalky will look to settle scores. Richard (Jack Huston) will step forward to save Tommy (Brady Noon), at Gillian’s expense.”  The episode was written by Terence Winter and Howard Korder, and it was directed by Tim Van Patten.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another action packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire Season 4 Finale— tonight at 9PM EST! While you wait for our recap, if you cannot wait for tonight, check out a sneak peek video of tonight’s episode below!

Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page for Updates

On tonight’s season finale of season 4 – the show opens on the beach and it is raining and thundering.  We move to a conversation between Sally and Nucky talking about how he is done.  Meanwhile outside his house there are men with guns taking down his men.  Nucky’s man comes and interrupts him off the phone and Nucky sees Chalky is there with a gun to his man’s head.  Chalky tells Nucky’s man to put his face to the ground.

Chalky asks Nucky who is running his club and wants to know who Nucky is cutting deals with.  Nucky admits Narcisse is running his club.  Chalky asks Nucky if Narcisse is his Nigger and Nucky denies it and Chalky tells him he rather if Nucky was Narcisse’s Nigger.

Chalky is pissed and Nucky tells him he is his friend.  Nucky asks Chalky what he wants and Chalky says Narcisse.  Nucky tells him he wants Narcisse too.  Chalky says he believe him now that there is a gun to his head.

Agent Knox is speaking to Hoover and Hoover is surprised that Agent Knox has been successful with his operation and agrees to give him 8 agents.  Hoover then tells Agent Knox he should refer to him as Director Hoover from now on.

Richard Harrow is on the stand and a lawyer is asking when he determined the body he saw was not Jimmys.  Richard claims he knew right away because he fought alongside Jimmy and he knew him.  Gillian’s lawyer is claiming because Richard is wearing glasses he could not see the body properly.

As the lawyer speaks Gillian gets up and starts claiming there is no body and she was in love and was tricked.

Back with Agent Knox he tells Eli that the goal is to get everyone talking and conspiring with each other during the meeting.  They tells Eli when the radio goes on during the meeting with Nucky and the other men he has to leave the room.  Eli is not happy and he asks Knox if he has a brother and Eli asks Knox if he ever fucked his brother over.  Eli tells Knox he needs a guarantee that if they pull it off he needs to know his son is safe.  Knox guarantees him if he gets Nucky and Masseria in the room talking Will has nothing to worry about.

Al Capone and his brother are talking, Van Alden (George) is there.  They are talking about the attempted hit on them.  Van Alden tells the Capone brothers whoever it was was comfortable enough to come into his territory.  Torrio walks in and asks what they are talking about.  Al tells him the shootings.  Torrio claims it must be Weiss who did it.  Al looks skeptical.

Nucky is out and Mickey Doyle tells him Narcisse is making their life difficult.  Eli ask Nucky what his plan is and Nucky tells him it is being handled.  Nucky asks Eli if the meeting is set.  Eli tells him yes, Masseria, Petrocelli and Lanksy.  Richard Harrow walks in he wants to asks Nucky a favor.  Nucky asks the other men to leave.  Richard tells Nucky he needs to know where Jimmy Darmody is.  Richard tells Nucky if he does not find where Jimmy is buried Gillian will get off and she will come back and take Tommy from them.  Nucky asks Richard if an annomymous source divulged where Jimmy’s body was what would he do.  Richard tells him he would do anything he asked.

Next we see the police, men and reporters and they have dug up a body and it is Jimmy.

Mayor Neder is at his desk and Nucky and Narcisse are there.  Nucky tells Mayor Veder to get the F*CK out.  Narcisse tells him to leave.  Narcisse asks Nucky if he has seen Chalky.  Nucky tells Narcisse that Chalky wants safe passage to go to his daughter’s wedding.

Nucky tells Narcisse he has a lot at sake in town and if Narcisse tries to take it from him there is a problem.  He tells Narcisse he does not care who runs the Onyx club.  He also tells Narcisse that he never wants Chalky coming after him in the dark again.  He asks Narcisse if he understands, Narcisse agrees he does.  Nucky is going to tells Chalky Narcisse is willing to talk.  As Nucky leaves he tells Narcisse Chalky told him he knows where Daughter is.

Torrio is in his garden and a man comes in shoots his driver and then walks up to Torrio and puts several bullets in him.

Agent Knox and his men are preparing the room for the meeting between Nucky, Masseria and Vincenzo Petrucelli – he is totally stressed out.

Nucky gets a call at his house telling him that Narcisse’s man will be at the club.  Nucky calls Eli – he tells him he wants him to pick him up for the meeting.  He wants to walk in with Eli and present a united front.

Willie walks up to Eli and asks if it was Nucky.  Willie asks Eli what Nucky wanted – Eli asks him how is it his business, and Eli tells him to tell his mother he will be late and walks out.  Wilie looks suspicious.

Richard is taking Julia his wife, Tommy and his father in law to the train station.  Richard tells Tommy he loves him and hugs him.  Julia asks Richard what was that she wants to know if it was goodbye.  She wants him to promise that he is coming.  Richard promises he will see her in three days.  She threatens to hunt him down if he does not show up.

Eli pulls up at Nucky’s house, as he walks up the stairs he takes his gun out.  Nucky’s house is dark – Eli calls out, “hello, Nuck?”  no one replies.

Then Nucky walks in and tells Eli to put the gun away before someone gets hurt.  Eli asks what is up and where is everyone.  Nucky tells Eli he is leaving town and heading to Cuba with Sally once what he is doing is finished.

Eli tells Nucky that there is a meeting.  Nucky tells him there is no meeting just rooms with names on them.  Nucky pulls a gun out.  Eli says Nucky.  Nucky says, “Nucky what?  Nucky I’m sorry?”  Eli says he has nothing eventually Nucky takes everything.  Nucky holds his gun to Eli’s head and Eli tells him he is ready, is he.  Nucky tells him it is what he deserves.  All of a sudden Willie walks in and starts screaming not to kill him.  Nucky tells Eli to tell Willie what he did.  Eli spills his guts and tells them about Knox.   Finally Eli tells Nucky he has nothing, no family he is empty.  Nucky looks at him and tells him it is his mess and he can drown in it, he leaves.  Willie walks out.

The agents are tells Agent Knox that no one is coming.  Knox is not pleased.  Knox is pissed he feels no one was on board and Hoover has been laughing at him.  Harold asks for Knox’s sidearm he feeels he is not on an even keel.  Knox tells him if he wants his gun take it and he walks out.

Al and George Capone and Van Alden are at the hospital  – Torrio is asking for Al.  Al goes into his hospital room, he asks Torrio how he is.  Torrio tells him he is okay.  Torrio tells him he has round-the-clock guards and nurses and he will protect him, he will get the men that attacked him.  Torrio tells him it is a young man’s game and he is giving the whole operation to Al Capone.  He tells Al he won, he is out.  Al kisses his hand.

Eli comes home to his house his wife asks what is going on.  Agent Knox walks out and Eli tells his wife to go upstairs he has to speak to Knox.  Knox looks furious.  Eli tells Knox that his brother knows.  Knox tells Eli his son is going to jail.  Then he tells Eli that a boy he knows went to jail 4 years ago and he is popular with the male population.  Eli tells him he will kill him and he puts a gun to Eli’s head.  He takes Eli’s wrists.  Knox tells him he is the man that is going to kill him.  Eli whacs him and the start fighting.  They go back and forth and then Eli’s wife runs downstairs screaming – the kids are screaming.  Eli finally gets the upper hand and starts strangling Knox it goes back and forth.  First Knox has the upper hand then Eli.  It is a brutal scene, Eli strangles him with his ties yelling his son and then he beats the crap out of him and to make sure he really got him he takes a vase and slams it over his head.

At the Onyx club Dr. Narcisse is at a table alone – Chalky is at the door being searched.  Cahlky tells his men to stay outside they are not pleased.  Narcisse asks what Chalky’s terms are.  Chalky tells him he gets everything and Narcisse tells him he already has it.  Narcisse asks where Daughter is?  Narcisse tells for Daughter he will allow him safe passage for his daughter’s wedding.  Narcisse tells him a daughter for a daughter.

Narcisse asks Chalky if he knows what Nucky asked him to do.  Chalky says, “put a bullet in my head”  Chalky does not believe he will do it at the club.  Narcisse tells him he will be dead once he enters the alley.  Then Nacisses brings out Chalky’s daughter and says a word from him and Mabel is dead.  Meanwhile upstairs Richard has a gun pointed at Narcisse and misses and hits Chalky’s daughter Mabel and kills her.  Chalky is hysterical.  Then Federal Agents break into the Onxy club looking for Nucky.  Richard is walking around the club leaving and goes unnoticed.  The Agents have arrested eeryone and are taking Narcisse out under arrest.

Richard is walking under the Boardwalk

Nucky is at the station and Harold walks up to him and tells him he needs him to come with them.  They need to know where Eli is they are going to charge Eli with the murder of a Federal Agent.

Narcisse is in jail and Hoover comes in.  He asks Narcisse how he entered the country and Narcisse asks who he is.  Hoover tells him he is the one who is asking questions.  Hoover says, “26 years in the USA and you are not a citizen.”  Hoover asks him why does he live in a country where he does not want to belong.  Hoover tells him his compatriot Garvey thinks they should go back to Africa.  Narcisse tells Hoover he could not understand.  Hoover wants Narcisse to be a rat and tells him about Marcus Garvey and if he does he will demonstrate his loyalty to the US.

Narcisse tells him Marcus Garvey is a hero.  Hoover tells him if he agrees to cooperate he can be anything he wants and if he does not he will never see daylight in America again.  Narcisse agrees and says yes, Hoover makes him say, “Yes Sir.”

Nucky is driven up to see Willie and Nucky tells him his mother and sisters are counting on him.  Nucky tells Willie to tell his family that Eli is safe with friends out West.  Willie asks Nucky if Eli is safe?  Nucky tells him to speak his mind.  Willie asks what Nucky would have done if he did not show up.  Nucky tells him Eli is his father and his brother and he is not the person Willie think he is.  Willie tells Eli to head by his house later and they can all go up to talk to his mother.  He tells Willie it gets easier.

Elis is standing on the curb with a suitcase and Van Alden drives up.

Gillian is in jail.

Arnold Rothstein is helping Margaret move into her new place.

Sally is having a drink alone.

Chalky is at his mentor’s place on his rocking chair drinking.

Daughter is singing in a black club.

Richard is on a train, then he is walking down the train tracks and walks up to the house where Julia is.  Julia walks out to meet him.  We find out the scene with Richard is not real and he is lying under the boardwalk dead :-(

The End!!!