Bob Hope’s Long-Lost Son and Only Biological Child, William Shurr, Comes Forward In Shocking Revelation!

Bob Hope's Long-Lost Son and Only Biological Child, William Shurr, Comes Forward In Socking Revelation!

It has been nearly ten years since legendary actor, Bob Hope passed away at age 100. His legacy includes a multitude of film roles, a marriage that lasted for 69 years and four adopted children to carry on his name and preserve his memory. According to the July 22nd print edition of GLOBE magazine, Hope also left behind one hidden biological child named William Shurr.

GLOBE consistently delves into those riveting Hollywood stories each and every week so it’s not surprising that they would be the source bringing this story to light. Supposedly Shurr is the love child of Bob Hope and Barbara Payton who at the time Shurr was conceived was a 17-year old military wife looking for her big break in Hollywood. She was absolutely stunning and hooked up with Hope right away. When she came up pregnant everything was kept under wraps because she was underage and Hope was already married to Delores.

According to Shurr he was adopted by Hope’s agent’s brother Abe Shurr and his wife Pauline. The couple lived in an upscale apartment facing Central Park and he was first introduced to his birthmother, Barbara at age 12. She was super affectionate as was Hope with whom Shurr also interacted with over the years. Shurr grew up on the edge of the Hollywood industry and later became a full fledged producer himself.

Why is he talking about his parentage now? Shurr says that five years ago, Pauline while on her death bed first told him about his biological parents and he believes the information fits in with other pieces of his life. I’m not sure exactly why he has decided to speak about it to the press now, perhaps just to have a voice and to be able to tell his version of the truth. Unfortunately Hope is long gone and Barbara enjoyed a short career before her stormy personal life took over. After several failed marriages she plunged into alcohol and drug abuse before dying of liver failure at age 39.

Do you think Bob Hope could really be Shurr’s biological father? Get this week’s GLOBE to find out!

9 responses to “Bob Hope’s Long-Lost Son and Only Biological Child, William Shurr, Comes Forward In Shocking Revelation!”

  1. Angel 2009 says:

    Wow! Surprising if true. But not unusual in the early days of Hollywierd when studios kept scandalous misadventures of their stars a deeply hidden secret.

  2. allie says:

    I just love Bob Hope so much. Hope this doesn’t disturb his peace.

  3. HollywoodHiccups says:

    I find this surprising why would he adopt 4 children and deny his own. Seems odd, just saying..

  4. drdebo cherry says:

    easy enough to validate- and if true- he should have come forward with it- how do learn or evolve if everyone lies?

  5. Victoria McGuire says:

    CBL show us a picture of him.

  6. All about the money!

  7. chatsworth says:

    Of course. Dale Evans eloped at age 14 and had a child at 15. When she was trying to break into the business as a singer, she told everyone it was her brother! She was divorced three times before getting married to Roy Rogers. And that’s when she finally told every one who her brother really was. She had 3 children die very young and the ended up adopting many. My great uncle was an aspiring actor in the early 30s as well. He was married with a Child and basically just left them for Hollywood and changed his name as well so he wouldn’t be found.he ended up becoming a big character actor in the 40s and on thru the 60 and into the 70 before becoming ill.he remarried sometime in the 50s and went on like his original family didn’t exist.